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Rethinking the customer experience – interactions and touchpoints rather than campaigns

Commentary by Colin Grieves, Experian Marketing Services UK


Rethinking the customer experience – interactions and touchpoints rather than campaigns

We believe the future of marketing is ‘interactions’ and that ‘campaigns ‘ are a thing of the past. As every marketer knows, consumer behaviour has changed dramatically in the past five years.

Advances in mobile technology have opened up access to social media, ecommerce and web browsing so that now surfing the web, chatting on social media and making purchases on the go is the norm. No longer are our customers restricted to simple linear customer journeys which we can easily monitor and initiate with straightforward individual campaigns.

Today that journey can be as complicated as a visit to a store and a conversation on social media followed by a visit to a website, seeing some display ads and eventually a return to that website and a purchase.

How does a single email plugging a product fit into that? 2016 will see brands abandon ‘campaign marketing’ in order to concentrate on interactions based on context. Context based on data and insight. This is made more possible for the same reasons the customer journey has changed so dramatically – there are considerably more touch points available to involve in the experience and a whole host more data to draw insight from.

These interactions have to be intelligent – they have to be based on what we know about that customer – to add relevance and accuracy. The customer journey is now one giant conversation between a brand and a customer and the brand has to ensure their voice and message are consistent – across all channels and integrated into every touchpoint.

The role of DMPs and similar data management technology will begin to make its mark. Last year DMPs and ‘programmatic’ were top buzzwords – scary pieces of jargon not fully understood. This year they will really come into their own as brands manage, sort and manipulate large data sets in real time in order to power intelligent interactions.

When someone visits your website you need to be able to know when they return or if they pop up somewhere else where you can, should you wish, communicate with them. You then need to know what to say to them – based on behaviour and preferences.

Rethinking the customer experience in the context of strong customer centricity will offer brands in 2016 a clear path to customer satisfaction, retention, advocacy and sustained sales growth.

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