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Sainsbury’s opens its most energy-efficient supermarket ever

Sainsbury’s has launched a new flagship supermarket in Hook, Hampshire, which is projected to use only half the energy of a similar-sized Sainsbury’s store and 25%… View Article


Sainsbury’s opens its most energy-efficient supermarket ever

Sainsbury’s has launched a new flagship supermarket in Hook, Hampshire, which is projected to use only half the energy of a similar-sized Sainsbury’s store and 25% less electricity than its other most energy-efficient supermarkets.

Combining innovations in construction and engineering to arrive at the design of the new 25,000 sq. ft. supermarket, Sainsbury’s is building on and bringing together an array of energy-saving features that can now be found in other stores across its estate.

A store that is Better for the planet:

Sainsbury’s Hook will operate using 100% renewable electricity and will not rely on any fossil fuels. It will keep aisles at their optimum temperature using a cold aisle retrieval system, which takes any air that may leave the fridges and displaces it to other areas of the store to keep those aisles cooler. Warm air is then taken from the back of its fridges and re-purposed to heat other sections.

About two-thirds of the energy consumed will be reused by the cold aisle retrieval system.

The store is also part of a new trial that uses doors on chilled cabinets, keeping cold air in and reducing their energy demands by up to 60%[1]. Further energy savings have been driven by adding lids on frozen food display cabinets, which work in the same way.

Ambient air door curtains will help to reduce the store’s heating requirements and make customers’ experience more comfortable by counteracting naturally occurring drafts.

The roof features over 700 solar panels, which are expected to provide up to 300 megawatt hours (MWh) of energy for the store per year.

100% LED lighting has been installed throughout the store, and on the shop floor sensors will enable it to adapt in response to the level of natural daylight so that energy is not wasted.

Sainsbury’s Hook will contribute to the retailer’s target of becoming water-neutral by 2040 with low-pressure bathroom taps and rainwater harvesting.

The new store will set the standard for future Sainsbury’s Superstores and the retailer will replicate and build on everything that works well from Sainsbury’s Hook in new supermarkets it constructs, as well as retrofitting its existing estate with the technology wherever it can.

Patrick Dunne, Sainsbury’s Property Director, said: “I’m immensely proud of everyone at Sainsbury’s who has helped to deliver what is a ground-breaking new store for us, the learnings from which will be used in future store investments. Sainsbury’s Hook is the culmination of many years of innovation, hard work and progress towards a more sustainable future for our business.

“I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the local community for your support and patience whilst we constructed this store – I hope everyone will agree it was worth the wait, not only for the new offer customers can now enjoy but for the progress in store sustainability it represents.”

Ryan Cox, Sainsbury’s Hook Store Manager said: “We have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming customers through the doors of our brand-new store and we look forward to getting to know many of them as we become an integral part of the local community.

“This is a really proud moment for Sainsbury’s as we launch a brilliant new supermarket that puts our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment into clear focus while serving and helping customers in Hook.”

Ranil Jayawardena, MP for North East Hampshire, said: “I was delighted to open Sainsbury’s newest store today, representing a significant investment into my home village of Hook, and the creation of over 100 new jobs for local people. The new store will provide a healthy boost to customer choice in the area and the fact that it is the most environmentally sound, energy-efficient store Sainsbury’s has ever opened makes it a special addition to the community here.”

Sainsbury’s currently operates with 100% renewable electricity and by the end of 2023 the retailer projects that up to 40% of its electricity will come from new-to-the-planet wind and solar power. The improvements in the store’s efficient energy design are part of Sainsbury’s wider commitment to becoming Net Zero in its own operations by 2035.

Sainsbury’s Hook represents a brand-new shopping destination for customers in northern Hampshire, offering greater choice, quality and value, with thousands of products available to choose from.

The store will be an active member of Sainsbury’s Food Donation Programme via Neighbourly, which works to reduce the amount of food waste within its operations and redistribute surplus food to those who need it most.

[1] Compared to estimates based on the same cabinets without doors

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