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Epsons technology enhances customer engagement, drives profitability and reduces

Thursday February 18th 2016

The traditional retail environment we've know for years is changing at an exponential rate where smooth customer experience is key for thriving retailers. Providing a first class service and an engaging experience are vital to driving profitability.

Epson delivers the technology to suit retail and hospitality needs, be it a fast throughput of transactions or reduced downtime.

Fast and effective, the TMI printers add flexibility and ease to customer interaction with capabilities ranging from high-quality receipt and barcode printing to direct printing from web browsers on tablets and mobile devices.

Epson TM-Intelligent devices are designed to work in co-existence with existing POS applications, meaning retailers save money from the off. Designed specifically for the retail environment they allow the business to make the most of everything that cloud computing has to offer, as well as to leverage mobile technology to really engage with customers.

Epson combine our environmental responsibility with a no-compromise approach to produce the most advanced retail and hospitality products around.

The results?

Products that lead the world in point of sale performance, deliver a lower cost of ownership for your business and are more eco friendly for our world.

• Provide a consistent experience across all channels
• Optimise the ROI of your technological investments
• Improve the efficiency of both your processes and staff
• Introduce technology that is kinder to the environment
• Increase profits and improve your business as a whole

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