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Emerging trends which could soon be hitting shelves in the UK

Wednesday September 15th 2010

Black cheesecake, double cheese ice cream, and a fizzy dairy alternative are just a few of the latest consumer goods identified by Product Launch Analytics which could soon be available in the UK.

Cesar Pereira, Research Manager at Product Launch Analytics said: “The use of ingredients in innovative ways to produ
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ce unusual products is very much a theme when looking at this month’s food and drink launches. Manufacturers are turning to unconventional and counterintuitive flavour combinations to catch shoppers’ attention.   It will be interesting to see how these products are received, because if they are a success they may be a sign of things to come for UK consumers.”
• A black cheesecake is now on the menu in Japan thanks to the innovative use of an edible form of charcoal called Binchotan.
• A double cheese ice cream has been launched in the Philippines by Nestle. It’s the first ice cream to contain whole pieces of cheese. 
• A fizzy dairy alternative is new to shelves in Japan. The Soysh Sparkling Soy Water contains whole Japanese soybeans.