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Asda wins market share as customer numbers reach record high

Thursday August 13th 2009

Asda has continued to grow its market share driven by attracting more customers by lowering prices and improving product quality.

Comp sales grew (like-for-like) 7.2 per cent on underlying basis (Easter adjusted), 7.9 per cent unadjusted. Market share rose from 16.7 per cent to 17.0
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per cent. Asda's market share increased to 17.0 per cent, up from 16.7 per cent in the same quarter last year according to TNS Till Roll (12 weeks to 12th July 2009), with food, home and leisure and George all out-performing their respective markets. There was a sharp fall in food price inflation over the quarter, which is now at its lowest level for two years. However, Asda saw its food volumes accelerate over the same period as the supermarket continued to win customers.

Judith McKenna, Asda's chief financial officer said: “We're pleased with these results as they demonstrate the ongoing health of our business. By continuing to be the lowest price retailer and by broadening our appeal, we're attracting more customers, and increasing our sales volumes.

“Our food business continues to outperform, our home and leisure business has also strengthened, and George clothing has had an excellent Spring/Summer season. Early sales of our George Back to School range, with its unique 100 day quality guarantee, have also been extremely encouraging.”