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Top Tips from the People in Retail Awards Judges

Not long now to get your award winning entries for the People in Retail Awards in! With this in mind, we talk to our judging panel… View Article


Top Tips from the People in Retail Awards Judges

Not long now to get your award winning entries for the People in Retail Awards in!

With this in mind, we talk to our judging panel for some thoughts about entering and advice on acing those 2023 submissions:

First things first, Krisi Smith (Bird & Blend Tea Co) suggests that you “Play to your strengths and choose the entry type (written submission or video entry) that you feel most confident with.”

We know that awards drive even further improvement in businesses so as Aaron Chatterley (indu) points out “Don’t be shy about celebrating your achievements.”

“Focus on the benefits that you are bringing to your customers, and just be yourselves!” commented Ken Daly (JML).

Articulate your nomination clearly is the message from Azmat Ali (SafeStyle UK) who said “I’m a data person. Be sure to outline the facts within your entry clearly and where possible, include numbers. Having said that, your ability to recruit people in driving your vision is equally as important. It is pertinent to mention that data is influenced by actions which come from people.”

And Glynn Davis (Retail Insider) agrees: It’s a good idea to try and highlight what has been achieved over the past 12 months and give as much evidence, metrics, as possible that clearly show what has been delivered. Paint a picture of standout success.”

Graham Johnston (Donaldson Group) concurs: “Tell a story and try to bring it to life, even if it takes a little longer. I’m reminded of the famous quote by Maya Angelou: “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” If you can try to capture that ‘feeling’ together with the impact, that will make an incredible story.”

And finally, some words of wisdom from Beth Samson (Investors in People): “Don’t hold back! Let all your amazing work shine through in your entry and don’t forget to include specific examples of the impact of your work where you can.”

Awards focus on the positives

What we love about The People in Retail awards are that they focus on the positives and send employees a clear message that what they’re doing really matters.

Vishal Talreja (itsu) comments:  “For any individual, simply being nominated by their company to these awards is a huge accolade. This will surely inspire them and others within the company to continue to thrive for excellence.”

Melanie Taylor (Milligan) agrees: “The importance of staff in the shopping experience is crucial, they are brand ambassadors and significantly add to the customer experience. Staff, front facing or back of house, that are recognised for the role they play, supported and encouraged will impact positively on both the individual and success of the company.”


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