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People matter: Top tips on gratitude from the TRB team

[Part 5] The rewarding impact of showing gratitude. Gratitude in the workplace is often underrated. While some leaders are quick with a “thank you,” others are… View Article


People matter: Top tips on gratitude from the TRB team

[Part 5] The rewarding impact of showing gratitude.

Gratitude in the workplace is often underrated. While some leaders are quick with a “thank you,” others are still under the impression that thanks are given with a paycheck. 

Research clearly illustrates that the right amount of gratitude can dramatically impact the productivity, positivity, morale, employee retention, and success of a business.

In part 4 we explored the positive psychological impact of recognition and the benefits associated including motivation, a sense of accomplishment, improved morale and better teamwork. Recognition often comes in the form of simple gratitude. 

Gratitude can be shown in the form of kind words, gifts, assistance, help, favours, support from others and rewards.. 

There are different types of rewards, such as tangible rewards (such as bonuses or merchandise), and intangible rewards (such as praise or recognition). Intangible rewards are often more effective in increasing motivation as they are more personal and meaningful.

Where can you start? 

We asked the team at The Retail Bulletin for their top tips on how to instill gratitude into company culture. Here’s what they had to say: 

Karen Howard: “Words really matter. Say thank you, we appreciate you, we are happy you’re here or you offer great value to our team”. 

“And, don’t sweat the small stuff. Give everyone a bit of room to live their life and grow. It’s probably easy to say when you have lived more than half of it, but life is short so if you don’t appreciate the talents, characters, and contributions of the people around you, then that’s on you, not them. 

Angela Beevers: “In addition to positive feedback from managers, encourage staff to recognise and appreciate each other’s efforts. This will help foster a great workplace culture”.   

Claire Knott: “Every member of the team has an essential role to play in the workplace – no matter what level or input, everyone is a valuable asset to the organisation. This can be demonstrated through giving time to listen, by being accommodating, or by discussing ideas openly to build the trust”.

Natalie Fresen:  “Ask your employees about their experience. Both alone and in groups. And really listen. Are they doing okay? Use surveys to find out what your employees want and feel, don’t assume. Don’t be afraid to ask. Open up the conversation”.

Emma Hamel: “When someone in an organisation seems to be struggling, be that person who steps up and creates a safe space for them to really talk. So often people make judgements and rarely make the effort to find out the real story. Only when we have the facts can we truly support”. 

What’s interesting to me is that these top tips were collected individually. When you put them all together, the similarities in message are fascinating because they sum up the culture at TRB pretty well. A big thank you to you, the reader, for your continued support and interest in this series. 

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