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People matter: A little thank you goes a long way

[Exclusive. Part 4] Recognition – the act of expressing gratitude – can have an immensely positive psychological impact on employee motivation, job satisfaction, and overall well-being.  … View Article


People matter: A little thank you goes a long way

[Exclusive. Part 4] Recognition – the act of expressing gratitude – can have an immensely positive psychological impact on employee motivation, job satisfaction, and overall well-being.  

Not only that, but gratitude creates a domino effect within the business. Showing appreciation towards someone is likely to inspire that person to “pay it forward” and thank others.

Research shows that employees receiving appreciation, are more satisfied, willing to work longer hours, and motivated to do their best. A Glassdoor survey found that over 80% of employees work harder when their manager appreciates their work.

Adversely, lack of recognition can have a negative impact on employees, leading to low morale, demotivation and high turnover rate.

But is it science?

Dr Gethin Nadin, Psychologist and Chief Innovation Officer of Benefex believes so. 

“Expressing gratitude and receiving thanks are consistently associated with greater subjective wellbeing – or ‘happiness’. By exposing employees regularly to recognition and gratitude, we can strengthen the neural pathways that help them to create a permanent state of positivity within themselves.

“The evidence tells us that the long-lasting impact of this on your employees is fewer psychological conditions like stress, anxiety and depression”.  

And, recognition can motivate

Recognition can have a positive psychological impact on employee motivation by providing a sense of accomplishment and recognition for a job well done. When employees are recognised for their efforts, they feel valued and appreciated by their employer, which can lead to increased job satisfaction and motivation to continue performing well.

Additionally, recognition can provide a sense of competition and motivation to strive for excellence as employees may be motivated to work harder in order to earn a reward.

Recognition can also lead to a sense of belonging and camaraderie among employees, which can improve overall workplace morale and lead to better teamwork.

Motivation + strong culture = 💚

Company culture is notoriously difficult to define due to its intangible nature, but it can be described as a shared set of beliefs and values that influences (and can be influenced by) employee behaviour. You might describe it as the company’s ‘personality’ – how it feels about and treats its employees, what it values and even what and how it offers.

Research by Harvard demonstrates that companies whose culture is based upon intrinsic motivating factors have higher employee satisfaction with increased motivation and significantly enhanced performance.


People need to feel valued. This is how you will attract, retain, and grow top talent within your organisation. And the way to do that? By taking a strategic people-first approach to your business. This has shaped our vision for the People in Retail Awards 2023 which we’re very excited about. Entries open on 1st February, 2023.

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