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[People matter] Creating an awesome employee vibe with wellbeing

Buckle up, because in this first blog of our wellbeing series, we’re diving deep into the amazing world of employee wellbeing and how it can totally… View Article


[People matter] Creating an awesome employee vibe with wellbeing

Buckle up, because in this first blog of our wellbeing series, we’re diving deep into the amazing world of employee wellbeing and how it can totally transform the retail scene.

We all know that a happy and healthy team is like the secret sauce that takes your business to the next level. So, let’s unpack why this wellbeing stuff is crucial and how you can sprinkle it all over your company culture.

Part 1. Feeling the Wellbeing Buzz…

Picture this: You walk into a store where the employees are buzzing with energy, smiles all around, and they’re totally killing it at their jobs. What’s the magic ingredient? Wellbeing, my friend. When you focus on making sure your team is doing well physically and mentally, it’s like giving them superpowers. Seriously, it’s like they’re bringing their A-game every single day.

Why should you care? Let’s break It down…

Rockstar engagement and productivity
Imagine this scenario: You’re feeling healthy, you’ve got a clear mind, and you’re ready to tackle anything the day throws at you. That’s how your team feels when their wellbeing is in top gear. They’re engaged, motivated, and super productive. It’s like they’ve got a direct line to the productivity gods.

Healthcare savings galore
Okay, here’s some math that’ll make you smile. When your team’s wellbeing is a top priority, you’re saving £££s. Think about it—less sick days, fewer people slacking off when they’re not feeling their best, and way fewer doctor visits. It’s a win-win.

Talent magnet alert
Top talents aren’t just looking for a paycheck—they’re looking for an awesome place to work. And guess what? Companies that put employee wellbeing front and centre are magnets for the best and brightest. It’s like you’re building a dream team without even trying.

Boss-level brand reputation
You know those companies that everyone admires? The ones that treat their employees like gold? Well, that could be you. When you’re all about wellbeing, your brand reputation skyrockets. People love supporting businesses that care, and you become a superstar in their eyes.

Doing right – Ethical and legal gold stars
This one’s a no-brainer. Keeping your employees safe and healthy isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the law. And it shows you’re a company that walks the talk when it comes to ethics. Double win.

Turning wellbeing ideas into reality…

Okay, now that we’re all on board with the wellbeing hype, let’s talk about how to make it happen in your workplace. 5 Top tips:

  1. Spice it up with wellness programs: Think gym memberships, healthy food options, and fun wellness challenges. But don’t stop there—throw in some mental health resources like counselling services. A happy mind is a powerhouse.
  2. Work hard, play hard, balance hard: Help your team rock that work-life balance. Flexible hours, remote work options, and giving them some quality time off shows you care about their life outside the office.
  3. Sprinkle some positive vibes everywhere: Imagine working in a place that feels like a cozy oasis. Ergonomic chairs, lots of natural light, some leafy plants, and cool artwork? That’s the kind of office people can’t wait to come to.
  4. Shoutout to the superstars: Everyone loves a pat on the back, right? Celebrate your employees’ victories, both big and small. Recognising their hard work creates a culture where everyone feels appreciated and motivated.
  5. Teamwork makes the dream work: Encourage teamwork and collaboration. Team-building activities and projects bring everyone closer and zap away stress. When you’re in it together, work feels like a breeze.

So there you have it, the lowdown on employee wellbeing and how it’s the secret ingredient to creating a killer workplace culture. Remember, happy employees mean a thriving business, and that’s the kind of magic that’ll make your retail journey unforgettable.


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