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Venipak Commerce debuts omnichannel E-wholesale and logistics solution in the Benelux Region

Venipak Commerce will offer a new all-in-one service that bridges the gap between sales channels, warehousing, and distribution in the region’s rapidly expanding e-commerce sector. The… View Article


Venipak Commerce debuts omnichannel E-wholesale and logistics solution in the Benelux Region

Venipak Commerce will offer a new all-in-one service that bridges the gap between sales channels, warehousing, and distribution in the region’s rapidly expanding e-commerce sector.

The Benelux’s e-commerce industry, mostly led by the Netherlands, is thriving, as 74% of all internet users in the region purchase goods online — ten percentage points above the European average. With the rising pressures to keep up the pace with the growing client demands, Venipak Commerce will offer a new omnichannel solution to transform e-commerce fulfillment, drive sales, enhance operational efficiency and customer experience.

The Dutch e-commerce market size is expected to reach USD 52.16 billion by 2029, the Belgian — nearly USD 14 billion by 2027. The logistics and delivery services have been in higher demand reflecting the market e-commerce boom. To add, 60% of surveyed Dutch companies indicated that they expect an increase in demand for additional warehouse space in the coming 12 months.

Venipak Commerce believes the Benelux region shows great potential but its support is segmented. This led the company to build an all-in-one service that addresses the issues by encompassing all operational processes: from e-commerce sales channel brokerage to warehousing and distribution. The expansion to the region comes after Venipak’s strategic acquisition of Dutch wholesaler Strengholt Entertainment BV in 2023, which also marked a significant company milestone toward becoming a global market player.

Michael van der Wal, regional Managing Director for Venipak Commerce, highlights that “At Venipak Commerce we have studied the upsurge in the e-commerce activity of Benelux and located various limiting issues. We aim to remove the burden from the shoulders of customers, allow them to save money and concentrate on purposeful development without geographical or business process barriers.”

Venipak commerce’s strategic expansion and innovative approach in Benelux

Given Venipak’s recent acquisition of Strengholt Entertainment, the move provides a significant foothold, bringing onboard localized expertise with insight into the Benelux market’s unique needs. The company’s insights into local markets — currently it is operating in 212 countries — provides a solid background to fill a new niche in logistics services.

Venipak’s expansion also happens to ride a rising wave of current logistics trends in the Benelux region. Due to staff shortages, labor costs, and inflation impacting 82% of businesses, research indicates a strong leaning towards automation amongst regional companies. 81% have already invested in basic automation levels. Almost two-thirds of respondents are looking to invest in software-led solutions, highlighting the region’s willingness to embrace contemporary options.

According to the company’s owner and founder, CEO Justas Šablinskas, “As the e-commerce market shows exponential growth, the demand for automated and increasingly efficient logistics solutions becomes more pronounced. Venipak Commerce has established a strategic stance to meet this demand. We are in a good position to enter deeply into this niche, while expanding the scope of what’s previously been possible.”

New solutions: E-Fulfillment

Venipak Commerce’s focal point, e-fulfillment, allows for a highly efficient method of managing e-commerce inventory, catering to the unique needs of online sales and optimizing space, as well as resources. It is aligned with the specific needs of e-commerce, such as variable demand and the handling of single-item purchases. Through advanced software integration and specialized systems, e-warehousing allows accurate inventory management, as well as an optimized return process — all crucial for an increased competitive edge.

According to Šablinskas, the e-wholesale niche’s true potential is still emerging: “We were looking for ways to expand globally, we tried to deconstruct the whole trading chain and we found this niche, which is practically non-existent – not only in Europe but also throughout the world. Nowadays, all e-shops tend to work directly with the suppliers or manufacturers. We want to provide the best local options with fast deliveries in any major market within 24 hours.”

Extensive distribution network

Venipak Commerce also offers e-commerce brokerage services between the company’s clients and brands such as Amazon, Allegro, Zalando, Bol, etc., as well as physical outlets such as Aldi, Lidl, Action, etc.

“Our e-commerce brokerage services enable Venipak Commerce to act as an intermediary for the introduction of its customers’ products into foreign markets – USA, Europe, Asia – through integrations with Amazon and other trading platforms and supply chains,” says the company’s CEO.

Mr. Šablinskas added that the new partnership with help e-commerce businesses reduce risks when entering new markets.  “Our mission is to help clients expedite their growth. In turn, we start off new partnerships with a strategy best suited to the client’s plans in order to accelerate their sales and logistics journey. We don’t want them to have blindspots on what is possible when it comes to cost saving and optimisation.”

Venipak Commerce’s expansion marks a transformative approach to e-commerce logistics by offering integrated solutions that meet rising demands in the sector, while focus on automation and e-warehousing proves a substantial commitment to increase efficiency and scalability.

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