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How do you carve out a comfortable meeting room within an office space?

In the age of hybrid working and the growing importance of team collaboration, more and more companies are looking for solutions that allow them to communicate… View Article


How do you carve out a comfortable meeting room within an office space?

In the age of hybrid working and the growing importance of team collaboration, more and more companies are looking for solutions that allow them to communicate efficiently and comfortably internally.

As such, they often face the challenge of carving out a suitable meeting room within their office space. The problem particularly arises for small organisations with little space. A properly arranged space for online and in-person meetings is important for team effectiveness. It is therefore worth looking at modern solutions such as acoustic cabins. In this article, we will outline how to create a comfortable meeting room that works well for both formal conferences and less formal internal discussions.

Arranging a modern office – what should we keep in mind?

When designing modern offices, there are many aspects to consider that will affect the efficiency of work and the comfort of users. Above all, it is worth paying attention to the space, adapting its layout to the needs and characteristics of the team. Ideally, there should be a combination of facilitating collaborative open space and areas that allow for focus and privacy. Hushoffice acoustic cabins are ideal for this purpose.

In addition, the choice of ergonomic office furniture, such as adjustable desks and chairs, will help to maintain the right posture and comfort at work. Investing in management and communication systems, audiovisual equipment or collaborative applications can help to increase efficiency and streamline daily tasks.

A small online meeting room in the office – adapting free space

Online recruitment interviews, client teleconferences, training sessions or internal video conferences require a quietened and isolated space to run professionally, efficiently and effectively. In small offices, setting aside space for these tasks is challenging and costly.

A small room for online meetings can easily be implemented in an open-plan office space without the need for renovation or major investment planning, thanks to hushHybrid acoustic cubicles for individual work. The extremely compact dimensions (only 900 mm deep and 1,244 mm wide) create a quiet space for conceptual work. The mobility of the acoustic booths means that they can be moved into the corner of a room or displayed in a central location in an open space. They are tailored to the individual needs of employees, thanks to adjustable lighting and ventilation. In addition, connection to the office’s network infrastructure guarantees constant Internet access.

Small customer meeting room

The company’s conference room should be adequately equipped, provide privacy and separate the people in it from external noise. The construction of such a room is associated with high costs and the need for dedicated space. Collaborative acoustic booths such as the hushMeet designed for two or four people are solutions perfect for a small meeting room. They make it possible to hold company meetings, discussions of organisational matters and ongoing projects or client meetings. Comfortable sofas, a table, lighting and efficient ventilation create ideal conditions for lively discussions.

Thanks to the high level of acoustic insulation, conversations had inside the booth do not escape to the outside and noise from the open office does not disrupt meetings. The hushMeet office booth can also be used to hold important business discussions with contractors or investors, or to recruit new employees either in person or via video conference.

Acoustic booths vs meeting rooms 

Acoustic booths, compared to traditional meeting rooms, provide a more efficient solution in terms of office space management. Unlike traditional rooms, which are built to accommodate a larger number of people, acoustic cubicles adapt to the actual needs of teams, taking into account the fact that up to 97% of meetings are held with two or three employees.

Office cubicles for individual or collaborative work allow for free and effective communication while not taking up a lot of space in the company. It is therefore worth considering their use as a complement or alternative to traditional meeting rooms, particularly in offices where meetings in smaller, intimate groups are prevalent.

Acoustic booths – a meeting place and additional relaxation area

In a properly arranged office, cubicles can become multifunctional spaces. Thanks to their acoustic properties, they provide discretion and comfort for both business and private conversations. They provide an excellent venue for video conferencing, making phone calls and other forms of remote communication. At the same time, office booths can act as a zone of tranquillity and relaxation, where employees have the opportunity to get away from the noise and bustle of work for a while. This will have a positive impact on their well-being and efficiency. What’s more, the acoustic booths can also be taken with you if you move to a new office. It is therefore much more cost-effective to invest in this type of solution than to create a separate meeting room.

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