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Helping shape the future of retail at Retail Risk – London 2022

Protecting retailers from high levels of waste, brazen attempts of extreme shoplifting and cutting plastic use. These are among the three big challenges Checkpoint Systems –… View Article


Helping shape the future of retail at Retail Risk – London 2022

Protecting retailers from high levels of waste, brazen attempts of extreme shoplifting and cutting plastic use. These are among the three big challenges Checkpoint Systems – a global leader in source to shopper solutions – will take on at this year’s Retail Risk in London this May.

Reducing food waste with RFID

Returning on 19 May, the first challenge being tackled by Checkpoint Systems at Retail Risk is food waste. Managing sell-by dates on perishable goods requires retailers to have a total view of their inventory at any given time. Here, inventory accuracy not only ensures brand owners can have a complete view of all merchandise and its location within the supply chain, but reduce lost sales and improve efficiency.

Using Checkpoint’s RfreshID® fresh food solution, retailers can accurately monitor inventory levels and rotate stock efficiency as produce with near or exceeded expiry dates can be identified with ease. With live demonstrations running throughout the day, attendees at Retail Risk can see first-hand how the solution enables retailers to manage inventory and precisely plan when replenishments are required, as well as when stock needs to be marked down for sale.

Checkpoint customers using the solution have already noted reduced food waste levels by as much as 60%, while also minimising the time spent required to manually check merchandise by up to 78%. Improvements in inventory accuracy were also noted, achieving up to 99.99%  in the stock room and up to 99% on the sales floor. By improving cycle count times, reducing waste and accurately managing expiry dates, retailers can enjoy an uplift in sales thanks to increased product availability.

Protect high-value merchandise on-shelf

Checkpoint will also demonstrate its innovative and technologically advanced solutions that have been engineered to deter high-volume theft seen in recent cases of extreme shoplifting. Products such as the TRPDOR™ Anti-sweep hook and Glide system – a simple yet effective solution designed to deter high-value and high-volume theft – will be on display. The solution slows any attempts by shoplifters to clear shelf contents in a matter of seconds. In addition, it is customer friendly and instinctive to use, making it easy for honest customers to access products for sale.

Its unique and revolutionary design ensures honest customers can still gain direct and easy access to the front item on display. Furthermore, it acts as a permanent label holder, with two strategically positioned back strikers, which prevents all other product stock on the hook from being removed all at once. Attendees at this year’s event will be invited to test out the effectiveness of this on-shelf deterrent and see for themselves why many retailers have already adopted the anti-sweep hook.

Security without barriers

Another solution being deloyed by Checkpoint is the affordable plug and play retail security system that works on proximity, Chirp Zone. The solution creates a wireless zone that will confine security tags to an allocated area. If a tagged item is removed from this zone, an audible alarm within the tag is triggered. It covers a radius of up to 5m per ‘hub’ and is ideal for a wide range of retail formats including concession stores, kiosks and even outside events where traditional physical antennas are not applicable.

High-value protection that also protects the planet

Demonstrating its breadth of innovation, the final challenge Checkpoint will take on is sustainability by helping retailers to reduce their carbon footprint. It will present its recently launched Autopeg™ Eco Keepers® – an innovative, sustainable solution that delivers enhanced loss protection on consumer goods packed in plastic or cardboard blisters. And for retailers with carbon footprint reduction targets, it offers a drastic reduction in the volume of plastic used, while being made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate) means that it is widely recyclable.

Leveraging Checkpoint’s versatile Universal Autopeg™ solution means retailers can securely display a diverse range of merchandise on peg hooks. Two options are currently available – one for products less at risk of theft and those that are at high-risk. For the former, retailers can simply use the company’s Autopeg solution, while for the latter they can also use the AutopegTM Eco Keepers® to increase the level of security.

Empower retail staff with Check&Secure

Helping to optimise the protection of retail merchandise, guided and focused training is paramount to empower store staff to understand the importance of in-store security. Delivered through its Check&Secure programme, Checkpoint is helping retailers optimise product protection and improve the customer experience by ensuring every member of the team is equipped with the knowledge and insight on these important product innovations.

Through customised training, store staff can help ensure that retailers are getting the best continuous performance from their in-store protection systems, resulting in fewer thefts and increased sales potential. Attendees at Retail Risk are invited to speak to the Checkpoint team on the stand to find out more.

Mike French, Business Unit Director, Checkpoint Systems UK, commented: “We’re excited to take on not one but four of the biggest challenges facing retailers at this year’s Retail Risk. With an interactive display on our stand, we’ll be inviting attendees to take on the challenge and see how our solutions can help retailers combat high-volume, extreme incidents of shoplifting, reduce waste levels and their carbon footprint. Retailers across the UK are increasingly facing a diverse mix of challenges either through external factors or internal processes. This year, we’ll demonstrate exactly what the future looks like – and how technology is changing the way the future shops.”

For more information on Checkpoint’s on-shelf theft deterrents, visit the team at Retail Risk London on 19 May or visit

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