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HMG Paints celebrates apprentices: National Apprenticeship Week

In honor of the 17th annual National Apprenticeship Week, HMG Paints is spotlighting the diverse array of apprenticeship experiences unfolding within the company. Based in Manchester,… View Article


HMG Paints celebrates apprentices: National Apprenticeship Week

In honor of the 17th annual National Apprenticeship Week, HMG Paints is spotlighting the diverse array of apprenticeship experiences unfolding within the company.

Based in Manchester, this paint manufacturer is currently nurturing apprentices from various age groups, backgrounds, and sectors, who are filling diverse roles across the organization. These apprenticeships offer individuals pathways to successful and fulfilling careers while equipping HMG Paints with the essential skills across its operations.

Apprenticeships and youth training schemes have long been integral to HMG’s ethos, serving as a launchpad for many successful careers within the company. Notably, four of the current directors began their journey as trainees. Furthermore, almost 40% of HMG’s workforce has participated in externally provided training programs during their tenure, ranging from IOSH Managing Safely courses to apprenticeships, T-Levels, master’s degrees, and even doctorates.

“Training and developing our own employees is at the heart of HMG, and as someone who started their career as part of the Youth Training Scheme (YTS), I have seen firsthand how training can benefit personal and professional development” said Clare Donnellan, Head of HR at HMG Paints.  “It’s fantastic that with the modern apprenticeship scheme that we can provide a range of opportunities for staff of all ages and experiences, in a number of different areas which will aid their personal and professional development alongside helping the business grow.”

The current cohort of apprentices are working across different teams within the company, from laboratory technicians to business and office-based roles whilst completing their academic studies. One apprenticeship journey to take note of is that Lewis Whalen, who currently works within HMG’s Accounts Department, studying his CIMA Level 7 professional Accounting Technician qualification. Lewis is currently in the process of his 3-year course in which upon completion will be qualified as a management accountant by the ACMA (Associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants).

“Whilst completing some of my CIMA qualification at HMG, I have been able to apply my learning in the workplace which has increased my opportunities and given me more responsibility. I’ve been able to improve my work and conversations by using some of my theoretical knowledge in practice. I still have a lot to learn from the apprenticeship, but I’m excited to continue doing the course to maximise my chances of becoming a Chartered Accountant.”

Showcasing their support for continued personal development across the business, apprenticeships aren’t just restricted to new starters or younger staff. One employee who is currently studying an apprenticeship and illustrates this point is Kyle Murray. Having worked across many different areas within the business at HMG, Kyle was looking to further educate himself and develop within a new role by embarking on a Level 3 Procurement and Supply Assistant Apprenticeship.

“As I have worked across many areas of the business within HMG, from production, sales & now to purchasing, being able to use my skills and knowledge obtained from my degree level apprenticeship is really a huge benefit on a daily basis.” Kyle Explained “Having such a support network behind me in HMG has only further enhanced my skills and I have gained more confidence in applying my new learnings in the workplace. This highlights the opportunities and support employees have at HMG, as I have been given the platform to develop my skills and knowledge within in the business. The Apprentice Academy with whom I am studying with are brilliant in supporting me and are always accessible for any additional help or info needed.”

In a business and industry that continually evolves, it is vital HMG continually recruit and train the next generation. And that is the case with teenagers George Urry and Luis Beaumont who are at the beginning of a Laboratory Technician (level 3) apprenticeship. “As someone just starting out on my apprenticeship it’s an exciting time for myself” commented George Urry. “I think apprenticeships are a very good way to start a career because you get to study and do the on-the-job learning. It’s the best of both worlds and is a good foundation to start my HMG career from.”

At the other end of the journey is Gabby Parfitt, who is currently working at HMG as a member of the company’s Printroom and undertaking a level 3 Apprenticeship. Gabby is nearing the end of her 16-month course and will receive a Business Administrator qualification upon graduation.

“Embarking on my apprenticeship in Business Administration Level 3 has been a journey of growth in confidence and in my work, where every challenge has been a stepping stone towards honing my skills and knowledge in the business world. Through dedication and perseverance, I have embraced each opportunity to learn and apply principles of effective management, communication, and problem-solving.”

This National Apprenticeship Week, HMG are dedicated to showcase the talent, success and remarkable accomplishments created by apprenticeships within the business. From production roles to office-based roles, apprentices and trainees continue to play a huge role in the success of the business. For more information on a career at HMG or in the world of paint visit

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