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Shalom Lloyd: Celebrating Black History Month with resilience, transparency and impact

In a momentous celebration of Black History Month, Shalom Lloyd, the visionary founder of Naturally Tiwa Skincare, has been selected as one of eleven pioneering individuals… View Article


Shalom Lloyd: Celebrating Black History Month with resilience, transparency and impact

In a momentous celebration of Black History Month, Shalom Lloyd, the visionary founder of Naturally Tiwa Skincare, has been selected as one of eleven pioneering individuals whose stories deserve recognition.

Her journey through motherhood, entrepreneurship, and innovation is not just a testament to her personal achievements but also to the wider impact she has made on her community and the skincare industry.

The personal journey

Shalom’s remarkable story begins with the birth of her twins in 2014, a momentous occasion in any parent’s life. However, it was the arrival of her son Joshua, accompanied by severe eczema, which sparked a transformational chapter. Confronted with the prospect of resorting to chemical emollients and steroids for Joshua’s delicate skin, Shalom took a different path. As a qualified pharmacist and a mother with a deep appreciation for her African heritage, she embarked on a mission to find a natural solution.

This journey is about more than skincare; it’s a profound exploration of motherhood, identity, and the challenges faced during the IVF process. Shalom’s determination to provide the best for her child is a universal narrative, one that resonates with any parent who has confronted a health issue in their family.

Naturally Tiwa Skincare: A vision of transparency and community

From her personal quest, Naturally Tribal Skincare Limited was born. In her kitchen, Shalom combined her scientific knowledge with the rich tradition of African ingredients, with high-quality Shea Butter as the foundation. The result was an innovative skincare line (Naturally Tiwa) that was not only effective but culturally sensitive, inclusive, and transparent.

One of the fundamental principles of Naturally Tiwa Skincare is transparency. Shalom recognises that customers deserve to know the origins of the products they use. The brand collaborates with the women of Essan in Nigeria, ethically and sustainably sourcing Shea Butter and other natural ingredients. The ‘ingredient journey,’ from source to finished product, is central to maintaining quality and authenticity.

Milestones, collaborations, and community impact

Shalom’s journey with the business has seen numerous milestones. Originally known as ‘Naturally Nuts,’ the brand evolved into ‘Naturally Tiwa Skincare,’ reflecting its core values of transparency, traceability, innovation, and authenticity. Shalom’s appearance on a TV shopping channel, TJC, in 2018 was transformative, boosting the brand’s confidence and shaping its approach to product development and customer interaction.

A significant highlight has been the brand’s listing in Harrods Beauty, a testament to its growth and reputation. Collaborations with Paramount for the Paw Patrol range demonstrate an innovative approach to skincare that extends beyond product efficacy.

The partnership with the Lewis Foundation for the “SMILE” project is equally inspiring. This collaboration goes beyond skincare; it offers cancer patients a safe space to discuss their concerns, providing emotional support alongside skincare. The brand’s all-natural, chemical-free products have made a real difference in these patients’ lives.

The essence of Black History Month

This year’s Black History Month carries a theme close to the hearts of many: “Saluting Our Sisters.” It’s a celebration of the trailblasing Black women who have made remarkable contributions across various domains, from literature, music, fashion, and sports to business, politics, academia, social advocacy, and healthcare, among others.

Shalom Lloyd has been chosen as one of 11 pioneering women to be celebrated in an commissioned exhibition at Station Square in Milton Keynes throughout October 2023 as part of the Black History Month festivities. Reflecting on this prestigious selection, Shalom commented:

“I was so proud to be chosen but even more to see the look on my childrens faces when they saw an image of their mama at Station Square”.

As Shalom is celebrated this month, her story serves as a reminder that history is not made by extraordinary individuals alone, but by those who channel their experiences, challenges, and heritage into something meaningful. Shalom’s story transcends mere business success; it is about embracing all aspects of one’s identity and experiences to create a multifaceted, complete individual. Her recognition is a powerful endorsement of the significance of diversity and representation. Shalom’s journey is an inspirational narrative, proof that there are no limits to what can be achieved with determination and a positive attitude.

And, her recognition underscores the importance of addressing significant issues. Eczema, a skin condition affecting one in five children in the UK, becomes a focus. Naturally Tiwa Skincare’s effective, all-natural solutions tackle this issue head on.

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