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King of Soho’s premium Copacetic vodka to make waves nationwide and abroad

The renowned London-based gin and vodka brand, The King of Soho, has unveiled its plans for an extensive launch of its latest creation, the ultra-premium Copacetic… View Article


King of Soho’s premium Copacetic vodka to make waves nationwide and abroad

The renowned London-based gin and vodka brand, The King of Soho, has unveiled its plans for an extensive launch of its latest creation, the ultra-premium Copacetic Vodka.

This follows the brand’s initial soft launch in the vibrant streets of London’s Soho district during the autumn of 2022. With its recent listing by esteemed names such as Lanchester Wines and Master of Malt in the UK, the Copacetic Vodka has now achieved its debut international presence, securing listings in the Netherlands and France.

Stepping onto the global stage, The King of Soho will introduce its Copacetic Vodka to the international market through its newly-appointed distributor, Square Dranken Nederland B.V., at the upcoming DrankenbeurZ 2023 trade show in the Netherlands on September 17-18. This marks a significant milestone as the brand’s first-ever exhibition in the Netherlands, providing a crucial platform for on-trade exposure.

Crafted with English wheat, The King of Soho’s Copacetic Vodka, boasting a 40% ABV, undergoes meticulous small-batch distillation. Earning its reputation for being subtle and refined, the vodka carries tasting notes reminiscent of toasted crumpet, apple, lemon zest, and a hint of black pepper. Its velvety mouthfeel, enriched with a slight buttery touch, sets the stage for its versatility – ideal for sipping neat over ice, enhancing Martini-style cocktails, or elevating both contemporary and classic mixed drinks.

Noteworthy for both its approachable flavor and its distinct purple bottle, The King of Soho Copacetic Vodka takes an eco-conscious approach to design. Employing organic inks and a water-based coating on clear glass, the packaging combines recyclability with an elegant aesthetic, perfectly suited for any occasion.

In a landscape where spirits take center stage, Alex Robson, co-founder of The King of Soho brand and a trailblazing entrepreneur, emphasizes that premium vodka remains in high demand. Euromonitor International data reveals a 3% year-on-year rise in total vodka sales, a testament to the category’s sustained appeal.

Robson asserts, “The allure of the vodka category is stronger than ever, both domestically and internationally. The thriving trend of home mixology and on-trade cocktail culture, which has seen a 300% surge in the UK alone over the past four years according to CGA, combined with the popularity of vodka-based cocktails, paints a vivid landscape where The King of Soho’s ultra-premium offering stands out.”

Vodka enthusiasts are embracing concoctions like Porn Star Martinis, Espresso Martinis, Cosmopolitans, and Long Island Iced Teas. As home bartending gains momentum, consumers seek quality ingredients, and The King of Soho’s range – including the London Dry Gin and the Variorum Berry Gin – caters to this discerning audience.

With its cross-appeal to both connoisseurs and upscale establishments, The King of Soho’s Copacetic Vodka and its other offerings are capturing the attention of bars, cinemas, online retailers, and individuals seeking the finest spirits.

Looking forward, The King of Soho team is already at work on an upcoming addition to their vodka collection, a move that further solidifies their commitment to innovation and excellence.

Founded by co-owners and directors Alex Robson and Howard Raymond, The King of Soho brand celebrates the indomitable legacy of Soho’s iconic figure, Paul Raymond – aptly dubbed the ‘King of Soho’. The bottle design showcases a captivating character, each element a tribute to the vivacious, creative, and hedonistic spirit that Soho epitomizes. From the velvet-clad figure representing fashion heritage to the foxtail symbolizing fun and Soho’s colorful history, the packaging encapsulates the district’s multifaceted essence.

The brand enjoys presence in prominent London venues like Opium, Trisha’s Soho, and My Place, among others, as well as being available through Gerry’s Wines & Spirits. A guiding light for the brand over the past decade, Jamie Stephenson, known as ‘the Cocktail Guru’, serves as the Global Brand Ambassador.

Owned by West End Drinks Ltd, helmed by Howard Raymond and Alex Robson, The King of Soho is a testament to their dedication to preserving Soho’s spirit. The bottle design serves as a vibrant emblem of the area’s art, flamboyance, and hedonism, with each component reflecting Soho’s diverse facets.

As Alex Robson asserts, “Soho isn’t just a place; it’s a spirit.”


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