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Three Revolutionises Employee Training with fun and effective mobile games

Two-minute bursts of learning on the job – How Three UK trains staff during peak periods in the retail calendar with 3D simulation games on mobile… View Article


Three Revolutionises Employee Training with fun and effective mobile games

Two-minute bursts of learning on the job – How Three UK trains staff during peak periods in the retail calendar with 3D simulation games on mobile devices

Three UK has undertaken a strategic initiative to fortify its workforce during peak periods in the retail calendar.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of adept staff in delivering unparalleled customer experiences, the company sought an approach that would empower teams without compromising their valuable time and engagement. Confronted with the challenge of providing robust training in the midst of high-demand seasons, Three UK strategically embraced game-based simulations. This move was not merely about bolstering employee skills and confidence but also about infusing an element of enjoyment and accessibility into the learning process.

Teaming up with Attensi, Three UK has embarked on a revolutionary path, integrating brief, two-minute bursts of interactive training games on mobile devices. This innovative approach aligns seamlessly with the fast-paced nature of the telecommunications industry, ensuring that the company’s commitment to “Better connectivity, every day, for every customer” remains unwavering even during peak seasons. In a bid to cater to the needs of sales teams and store staff, who require quality training support without compromising their frontline responsibilities, Three UK found a solution through collaborative efforts with Attensi.
The result is a game-based training system that can be conveniently accessed by individual staff members in short, on-the-go sessions on their mobile devices.

“People are our most important asset”

Evelyn Johnston Head of Region Midlands UK commnted: “You go into the app. You can learn immediately. It’s done at your own pace, saves time – it’s more efficient. It’s more fun. It’s engaging. People are our most important asset. That’s the difference in why people choose Three, because our people do a fantastic job of telling customers about the brand. They absolutely understand where a customer is coming from. Now this learning platform is going to enable them to do that even more.”

The impact data has been impressive:

  • 924 users played
  • 40 mins of playtime per user
  • An average of 6 repetitions per module
  • Closing 81% of identified knowledge gap

Senior Digital and Learning Manager, Gordon Weston commented: “The key thing is it is about the engagement and for some time we have been looking for some way of gamifying our learning. When I first saw Attensi…I knew it was going to be good. For the majority of our customers, the only people they ever see are those that are in the stores so those front of house staff getting it right and really engaging with customers and really getting the right messages across is hugely important.”

Nikki Scarf, Senior People Development Manager said: “Attensi changes the way people think about learning. They want to do it because it doesn’t feel boring. It doesn’t feel like school. It’s not the traditional method. To have learning that they can just pull out of their back pocket, on their handset, they can do two minute games – it was phenomenal.”

Craig Miller, Head of Region Three UK,  “There has never been a more important time for us to make sure that we stand out from a customer experience point of view. The environment that we work in, the world that we live in is now so, so different and customers have never been in more need of support.”

Rosie Deakin, Strategic Account Manager – Consumer Europe, Attensi added;  “By adopting our simulated gamification platform and therefore by making training fun, Three UK teams are challenging each other to win the highest completion score. This is only good news for Three UK as their teams are able to deal with issues and queries in their fast paced roles and for the employees who are enjoying a full competency in their work.”

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