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Peoplesafe launch app to protect every journey

Travelsafe is a personal safety app feature designed to protect users wherever and whenever they travel. Help is available faster than calling 999 when your staff… View Article


Peoplesafe launch app to protect every journey

Travelsafe is a personal safety app feature designed to protect users wherever and whenever they travel.

Help is available faster than calling 999 when your staff raise an alarm through Travelsafe. A guaranteed Level 1 police response will be delivered if needed.

Protection beyond the store

The Retail Trust recently reported that more than eight out of 10 retail workers state that their mental health has deteriorated in the previous year.

Majority of retailer’s focus, attention and budget is placed on in-store issues. However, there is a growing problem that thousands of retail workers are experiencing on their commute.

Co-op campaign leader, Paul Gerrard, commented earlier this year that, “people are being followed home from work. I know of one example where we had to move people for their own safety.”

Travelsafe can protect colleagues outside of the traditional store environment whether they are facing targeted abuse, harassment, stalking or domestic abuse.

How does Travelsafe work?

Based on the destination and mode of travel, an automated alarm is set for the estimated arrival time. Travelsafe can be configured for walking, public transport, cycling or driving (including taking a taxi).

Throughout the journey, your staff will receive regular welfare check-ins to make sure they’re safe. If, at any point, the response is ‘no,’ or if they fail to respond to welfare checks and subsequent prompts or follow-up calls, an SOS alarm is immediately raised to Peoplesafe’s 24/7 control centre.

In between welfare checks, if help is needed our dedicated team of expert alarm handlers are available round-the-clock to take their call by raising an SOS alarm on the app. Every alarm is triaged by the control centre removing any strain on existing security teams to respond.

When journeys are taking longer than expected, if safe to do so, your staff will be prompted to extend the timer. If they fail to reach their destination or don’t respond to automated check-ins, the control centre will contact them to make sure they’re safe. In this instance, real-time details of your colleague’s journey and any additional notes will be visible to the controller.

Once they arrive safely at their destination, the app uses their location to automatically close the timer, so they don’t have to remember to cancel it. Managers will be able to see reports of successful Travelsafe alarm closures giving them peace of mind that their team have arrived safely.

Making every journey safer

90% of retail workers have experienced customer abuse. The rise in aggressive public behaviour is making majority of staff feel stressed or anxious about going to work.

Offering Travelsafe enables you to provide continual protection at scale to all staff and gives them a reason to choose your company. This tech service leverages Peoplesafe’s 24/7 professional call centre to respond to alarms within 6 seconds and get help in an emergency in just 4 minutes.

Naz Dossa, Peoplesafe CEO, comments: “Nearly a third of workers believe their employer could be doing more to protect them. Yet, despite this growing expectation, retailers often struggle to know how they can help beyond basic safety compliance. With automated welfare checks and all alarms triaged and handled by Peoplesafe’s in-house control centre, Travelsafe can provide 24/7 protection with zero strain to human resource. It can be seamlessly implemented at scale and pushed out to any smartphone instantly.”

Explore Travelsafe by Peoplesafe


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