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Infinity launches multiple global firsts with Conversation Analytics

New Spotlight and Sentiment Analysis empower businesses to boost marketing and sales strategies using the voice of the customer. Infinity, the market-leading call intelligence company and… View Article


Infinity launches multiple global firsts with Conversation Analytics

New Spotlight and Sentiment Analysis empower businesses to boost marketing and sales strategies using the voice of the customer.

Infinity, the market-leading call intelligence company and 2020 SaaS Company of the Year at the UK Business Tech Awards, has bolstered its award-winning Conversation Analytics platform with new features unavailable with any other call tracking provider.

These game changing upgrades to the platform help to further unlock precise insights within inbound phone calls to businesses, enabling them to be strategically agile with marketing activity, catalogue the intent or outcome of a call, discover emerging operational issues, and ramp up their phone agents faster.

What’s new?


Spotlight enables businesses to uncover the conversation trends they didn’t know they had. Using Infinity’s advanced transcription engine, it picks out common terms used in calls that a business does not know about.

This can be used to monitor how a brand is being spoken about, see common reasons people call that may not be currently monitored, uncover product feedback, discover marketplace insight, and aid call deflection strategies.

This complements Infinity’s existing Keyword Spotting feature, which pinpoints and logs specific calls that mention words or phrases a business has chosen to look for.

Sentiment Analysis

Every call in Infinity can now have the sentiment of both the caller and phone agent monitored. Using a mix of signals, an advanced formula can identify where someone is expressing positive or negative sentiment on the call, helping contact centres to pinpoint what causes callers to change their tone.

Smart training utilising this insight can help turn unhappy callers into loyal customers at scale, playing a great role in refining call scripts, training tactics, and customer service. Improvements in these areas will help boost significant call centre satisfaction metrics, as well as building an overall smoother customer experience.

These advances come alongside additional nuances to Keyword Spotting, consultation services for more advanced uses, and testing capabilities that mean months of fine-tuning during setup can now be done in minutes.

Chief Product Officer, Maria Psaltaki, highlights the unique offering Infinity now brings to the customer engagement space: “This comprehensive platform continues our commitment to providing crucial insight across all departments that touch the customer. By expanding Conversation Analytics further, we are helping clients consolidate their technology stack as we serve more uses for marketers, contact centres, and sales teams.”

“Client feedback has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic,” adds Infinity CEO Warren Newbert, “as they see huge potential in harnessing the voice of their customers to help form marketing strategies, messaging tactics, and buyer experiences. We have always listened to our clients’ feedback to help us develop products, evolve our services, and refine our marketing, so it’s only right that we enable them to do similar with their customers on an enormous scale.”

Since becoming the UK’s first speech analytics platform provided by a call tracking company in 2018, Infinity’s Conversation Analytics platform has been trusted by a range of brands across different industries. Uses include helping travel brands refine their branding in a shifting marketplace, helping energy giants catalogue thousands of calls automatically, and helping Vodafone to attribute and catalogue over 17,000 sales calls and improve customer journeys.

Conversation Analytics has a huge amount of benefit, not only to identify when sales have been made, but also to highlight the key themes and topics of conversation, which can lead to improvements being made to our digital marketing messages. This is something we will be focusing on, as we integrate more closely with Infinity.

Cai Mullins | Head of Affiliates and Partnerships, Vodafone


To find out how Conversation Analytics can help your retail operation, click here

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