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Harness the power of your customer data to keep shoppers coming back.

Due to the recent shifts in market trends and consumer preferences, retailers and marketers in the retail sector have been forced to innovate faster than ever…. View Article


Harness the power of your customer data to keep shoppers coming back.

Due to the recent shifts in market trends and consumer preferences, retailers and marketers in the retail sector have been forced to innovate faster than ever. And the uncertain nature of current economic conditions means that retail marketers are under even more pressure to deliver bigger and better results.

However, with great change comes great opportunity. Retailers have learned much about resilience and creativity in recent years – and marketing leaders are embracing advanced martech tools and retail analytics solutions to help them take advantage of changes in the sector.

So how can marketing technology help your business?

  1. Boost overall sales and identify new opportunities

It’s likely that your business already collects a wealth of data on customer transactions each day. Why not harness the power of that rich transactional data to drive more repeat visits and increase sales. A data-driven approach can help you proactively spot trending opportunities. Keep an eye out for how your products or services are performing over time, so you don’t miss out.

  1. Run smarter cost-effective campaigns

Data-driven marketing can help you allocate and spend your marketing budget effectively. Identify which channels are most frequently used by your target audience and focus on spending on those channels or create personalised hybrid promotions based on near real-time transactions — both in-store and online. Monitor which campaigns are working and which need improvements, and then adjust your strategy accordingly.

  1. Optimise the customer experience

Improve the experience you offer customers by increasing targeting sophistication. Monitor and evaluate links between online and offline transactions to better understand your customers’ behaviour so that you can shape your communications to appeal to their specific needs and values.

  1. Greater personalisation

Tapping into your data points can help you consider each customer’s individual preferences and needs. You can segment your audience into categories and identify trends amongst them, to target their specific needs and values with personalised messaging. This can help increase customer engagement and brand loyalty.

  1. Automate targeted marketing efforts

Send thousands of targeted communications per day to various customer profiles across several different channels – like email, social, and SMS push messaging. Once you’ve set up processes like these to be automated, it frees up your staff to focus on more strategic initiatives.

  1. Strengthen the customer journey

Evaluate data on how customers use your website and stores to better understand the effectiveness of each touchpoint across the customer journey. For example, you can leverage online shopping cart behaviours and transaction data to build better intelligence on recency/frequency/value (RFV), which will in turn help you optimise your next campaign.

  1. Gain a single view of the customer

Develop a better understanding of your customers based on activity across many channels and track their value over time. Discover what motivates a customer to buy – and leverage behavioural data to serve up a best next offer he or she will be inclined to respond to.

The new eGuide The retail marketers’ essential guide to martech discusses how marketers in the retail sector can use marketing technology to take advantage of evolving customer trends and economic changes. The eGuide also features use cases with real-world examples to show how great martech can help you make the most of the opportunities that arise.

Visit our website to find out how Apteco’s powerful customer analytics and audience targeting software can help you to convert your customer data into actionable insights.


Twitter: @apteco

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