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Five last-minute tips for Mother’s Day marketers

Juliette Aiken, Global Marketing Director, Dotdigital, shares a guide for marketers to make the most out of Mother’s Day. For the UK and Ireland, Mother’s Day… View Article


Five last-minute tips for Mother’s Day marketers

Juliette Aiken, Global Marketing Director, Dotdigital, shares a guide for marketers to make the most out of Mother’s Day.

For the UK and Ireland, Mother’s Day is fast approaching (10th March 2024 – make a note in your calendars) and Mother’s Day in the US, Canada and Australia isn’t far behind on 12th May 2024.

It’s a time to honour our mums. And a time to connect with your audience on a more emotional level. But to get it right, you need a good marketing strategy.

Here are some of my top tips:

1. Add a personal touch

One way to make your gifts even more special and unique is by allowing your customers to personalise them with a monogram or special message.

Dior does a great job of this. They offer bespoke engraving on any of their Mother’s Day products as well as complimentary standard shipping, samples, and premium gift wrapping.

This personal touch should be replicated throughout marketing channels. Adding personalised images, such as a monogrammed handbag, to your email campaigns will inspire last-minute gift buyers to shop.

2. Grab attention with a gift guide

Make it easier for your customers to shop for Mum. Divide your offers into categories for different interests, budgets or preferences. Remember to include links, high-quality images and helpful product descriptions.

In FEEDprojects’ Mother’s Day campaign, they showed off products from their range, while thinking about different preferences and budgets.

AI can be a massive help here. Using AI-powered product recommendations, you can streamline your Mother’s Day campaign and showcase items guaranteed to convert hesitant shoppers.

3. Share inspiring stories

Everyone loves a heartwarming story on Mother’s Day. So it’s a great time to talk about how your brand and product have helped mothers. User-generated content (UGC) is an excellent way to do this. Encourage your audience to share their own stories and you can even add photos or videos to make it more engaging.

Cure’s ‘Moms Love Cure’ testimonials did this perfectly. They shared how their products helped mothers in different stages of their lives and encouraged people to send in their own experiences and photos.

4. Make it meaningful with your mission

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity for non-profit organisations to spread awareness about their cause and engage their audience in a meaningful way.

For example, the St. Baldrick’s Foundation encourages people to send e-cards to children who are bravely fighting cancer on this special day. This simple gesture not only supports children and their families, but also draws attention to their mission.

5. Get involved with giveaways

Boost interaction even more by adding an interactive contest or giveaway. It’s more likely that people want to get involved if they’re in with a chance of winning prizes or discounts.

Scentbird’s ‘Mother’s Day mystery sale’ campaign had an interactive spinner wheel for subscribers to tap on and get a surprise gift for their mothers. And they went a step further by including instant gifts in their promotional email.

The gamification of email marketing campaigns is always a big winner, driving conversions and increasing customer engagement. For last-minute shoppers, it’s the deciding factor that will drive them to the checkout.

By crafting personalised messages, curating exclusive offers, sharing heartwarming stories, and hosting engaging giveaways, you can show genuine appreciation to all the mothers. And celebrate with a campaign that stands out in their inboxes.


To find out how Dotdigital can help your retail operation, visit them here.

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