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CASE STUDY: How Terres & Eaux is using data to deliver truly personalized messaging

Anne-Charlotte Mayolle, Marketing Manager at Terres & Eaux, shares how Cheetah Messaging is empowering them to put their data to work. From binoculars to bridles, kayaks… View Article


CASE STUDY: How Terres & Eaux is using data to deliver truly personalized messaging

Anne-Charlotte Mayolle, Marketing Manager at Terres & Eaux, shares how Cheetah Messaging is empowering them to put their data to work.

From binoculars to bridles, kayaks to kevlar vests, tripods to telescopic fishing rods, for over two decades Terres & Eaux has been heeding the call of the wild and delighting French outdoor enthusiasts with its vast array of high-quality equipment complemented by uber-knowledgeable staff.

Today, this once regional business comprises a comprehensive online presence and 16 brick and mortar stores with some locations the size of football pitches boasting full-scale fishing ponds, shooting ranges and workshops.

We sat down with Anne-Charlotte Mayolle, Marketing Manager at Terres & Eaux to get the inside story on how Cheetah Messaging is empowering it to put its data to work and deliver true-personalization to it’s ever-growing customer base.

The Challenge 

Terres & Eaux’s brand promise is simple – that their store staff are also practitioners. So when they talk to a customer about the balance of a rifle, waterproof qualities of clothing or merits of different fishing bait, it’s because they’ve tested it themselves. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing all non-essential retail stores in France to close for almost one year, the challenge was delivering the same best-in-class level of personalization online that Terres & Eaux’s customers had become accustomed to in-store.

The brand has a good handle on their data, identifying 90% of customers who go through checkout and linking them to a customer profile. But it’s one thing having lots of data, and a very different thing putting it to work – with almost two thirds of marketers failing to assemble a single source of truth of customer data, and a staggering 31% complaining they have “too much” data to analyze.

Terres & Eaux needed a messaging solution, backed-up with an always-on team that could empower it to deliver personalized, high-converting messages with unparalleled audience segmentation and delivery infrastructure. Enter Cheetah Messaging.

The Brief

Terres & Eaux identified that a third of its customers visited its website before coming into the store. This shift in the buying journey, from linear to multichannel, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic sparked a need for the brand to better understand its customers’ behaviors, past histories and what action they will take in the future.

The team at Terres & Eaux approached Cheetah Digital to segment all different personas and customer journeys, better personalize the messaging it had previously been capable of, develop triggered email campaigns for new customers, all the while hitting it’s overarching conversion goals.

The Solution: Cheetah Messaging 

Cheetah Messagings simple and intuitive content creation tools meant the team at Terres & Eaux team could focus on quickly and efficiently delivering message to reassure customers at the start of lockdown, and not be held-up by the traditionally time-consuming tasks such as HTML, creative, optimizing for different devices, assigning audiences and segments. With Cheetah Messaging these undertakings were all rapidly configured from either reusable assets or bespoke content.

The emails they’re sending go beyond price and product, or using a first name in the subject line and calling it personalization. Every email is sent to elicit action. They know if a customer owns a dog, likes to fish, budget size, and all interactions with the brand, and Cheetah Messaging is allowing them to turn this insight into action.

Using rich data, Terres & Eaux are able to contextually relevant emails with the right message, at the right time, closely aligning with its customers’ expectations, improving the relevancy of emails, and making that all-important connection.

From once having a single blanket email that would go to all customers, it now has a plethora of emails that map to different segments, and every possible buyer persona.

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