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The 2023 Programme

       09.00 - 10.15 Welcome address: Darren Williams
09.15 - 10.10

Keynote Address: Omnichannel transformation strategy - bringing trust back to customer interactions

This opening address will examine the theme of building trust with customers from new exciting experiential strategy to going back to basics to meet customer needs successfully. Our speakers will discuss how past customer interactions can drive today’s omnichannel strategy and how to embrace digital within traditional/operational businesses.

  • Who is the new digital shopper and how to build their trust?
  • The use of social media to gain the trust of customers
  • Supporting omnichannel management in a changing environment

Panel Session : Changes in consumer behaviour - how do omnichannel retailers respond?

With already-changing purchasing behaviours having been accelerated over the last three years, combined with a digitally disruptive Gen Z consumer - it is time to rethink how you engage with your consumer and integrate new paths to purchase. This session looks at how retailers are mastering a strong omnichannel offering by creating a seamless end-to-end experience in a new era and implementing it quickly in response to consumer behaviour.

  • What new shopping habits have consumers adopted and which will remain?
  • Emerging technology and trends in consumer behaviour
  • How to respond to new post pandemic consumer behaviour and boost engagement, sales and retention rates?
  • Social commerce - use of live / digital selling to increase engagement and attracting a different audience
  • Optimising end-to-end digital experiences for an increasingly demanding consumer
  • What does CRM look like following the accelerated, pandemic-led step change in customer behaviour?
  • Creating detailed insights about your consumer and their behaviours - ensuring relevance and personalisation across all channels
  • The use of conversational commerce
10.15 - 11.10

Panel Session : eCommerce innovation - building engaging experiences across a 360 omnichannel ecosystem

Capturing attention of today's consumer is getting more and more difficult - join our panel who will share their expertise on how to successfully transition to the new eCommerce reality. We will examine building an engaging website, strategies for keeping customers coming back to the website time and again, maintaining a premium customer experience online, and best practices for optimising customer journeys from homepage through to basket.

  • Preserving customer experience online
  • AI and automation - how to succeed
  • API integration - the benefits of headless architecture
  • Seamless online connectivity that allows retailers to enhance their use of data
  • Accelerating digital transformation by using AR to dive customer engagement
11:10 - 11:40         Morning Break
11.40 - 12.30

Panel Session : Instore digital innovation - creating a fully connected experiential store of the future

With the pandemic having shifted more shoppers to online, how can stores maintain consumers’ attention and drive footfall? We discuss how to effectively integrate the store into the omnichannel experience and connect the dots to ensure smooth interplay between web and store. This session will explore solutions to bring the convenience of online shopping instore via the latest omnichannel innovation.

  • Re-adjustment of high street shopping – should it be more experienced-led going forward?
  • Capitalising on customers in real life through physical retail pop-up ventures
  • Understanding the changing role of bricks and mortar - captivating and connecting the consumer
  • The use of RFID - could cashless / cardless checkouts genuinely change the customer experience for the better?
  • Using VR to deliver what customers will buy
  • Walk in, walk out technology - worth the investment
12:30 - 13:20   Lunch
13.20 - 14.00

Panel Session : Future leverage of retail omnichannel brand transformation

This session will discuss the various approaches to meet the customer wherever and whenever, to ensure that retailers are ready to interact with their brand. Our speaker draws on his experience of re-positioning and revitalising of retail businesses to ensure future retail longevity.

  • Optimal brand experience in an omnichannel landscape
  • How should retailers respond to their market with authenticity?
  • Using tech to build brand loyalty and customer engagement
  • Are ‘partnerships’ a vital lifeline for brands - how to remain relevant
  • Can brands afford to ignore social and mobile commerce?
  • Revitalising the customer proposition to ensure brand dividend
  • Moving from the high street to being an aspirational global brand
14:00 - 14:40 Customer journey management - embracing digital transformation for a unified view of the customer

More than ever retailers are focused on their digital transformation and creating a single view of its customers across all channels, all with the aim of improving customer engagement. This session analyses the power of data driven marketing to create better customer experience and increased engagement. 

  • Converting customers through engaging content - create a frictionless digital journey
  • Making customer experiences relevant throughout an omnichannel customer journey
  • How to capture all customer touchpoints across digital platforms
  • The use of data to drive CX in customer journey management
  • Importance of creating a single customer view
14:40 - 15:00   Afternoon Break
15:00 - 15:40 Digital eCommerce transformation - building engaging experiences online

Capturing attention of today's consumer is getting more and more difficult. Join us for a panel showcase of retailers and technologists discussing building an engaging website, strategies for keeping customers coming back to the website time and again, maintaining a premium customer experience online, and best practices for optimising customer journeys from homepage through to basket.

  • Design and customer experience - preserving customer experience online
  • Real-life examples of success
  • Personalisation best practices using offline and online data
15:45 - 16:25 Technology innovations - enhancing the online and instore experienceWhat are the key technologies that industry experts see going forwards and what will be popular beyond the pandemic? This session will analyse the latest technologies in the retail sector that are driving both eCommerce and instore growth, plus examine the use of cloud-managed Wi-Fi and analytics to provide the agility required to help retailers digitally transform the way they operate.

  • How existing technologies can be expanded to improve customer experience and engage consumers across the retail journey
  • Leveraging and utilising new technology to evolve the customer experience
  • How technology determines buying patterns, and analytics of customer spend
  • The digital initiatives retailers are looking to implement this year
  • Digital transformation projects and system implementations
16:30  Closing Summary

Venue & Contact

The Cavendish Conference Centre W1

22 March 2023


For retail speaker opportunities:

Claire Knott
E: [email protected]
T: 01276 489626

For sponsorship and non retailer speaker opportunities:

Karen Howard
T: 01276 489626 M:07725414385
E: [email protected]

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UKG LifeWork ALL: Register your place now to hear more. RETAIL HR 21 Sept LONDON

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