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[Christmas commentary] Delivering Joy: A heartwarming holiday tale

Once upon a time, in the festive town of Dunelm, there existed a magical campaign that captured the true spirit of Christmas – the Delivering Joy… View Article


[Christmas commentary] Delivering Joy: A heartwarming holiday tale

Once upon a time, in the festive town of Dunelm, there existed a magical campaign that captured the true spirit of Christmas – the Delivering Joy initiative.

For the fourth consecutive year, the home retailer went on a mission to spread cheer and warmth to those who might otherwise go without during the holiday season.

The campaign kicked off with a brilliant homemade video featuring the stars of the show – the Delivering Joy van drivers, Ricky, Karl, and Michael, affectionately known as VAN Diesel. Move over Vin Diesel, because this Christmas, the true heroes were these drivers on a mission to deliver thousands of gifts donated by the generous Dunelm customers.

PS: You can watch the video here, it’s wonderful!

The heart of the campaign lay in three simple ways for the community to get involved. Customers could select a tag from the Christmas tree in their local Dunelm store, each tag carrying a gift request from a local cause. These causes ranged from schools and care homes to refuges and charities, all aiming to bring joy to people who might be facing the challenges of the cost-of-living crisis.

The requests on the tags were surprisingly simple yet profoundly touching. Children wished for new underwear, teddies, and school essentials like hair bobbles. Last year’s observations of winter essentials like hats, scarves, socks, toiletries, and festive food items showed that the potential recipients were still grappling with the hardships of life.

But the magic didn’t stop there…

The community response was overwhelming. Last year’s campaign, which saw donated gifts skyrocket from just under 20,000 to over 60,000, was a testament to the compassion and generosity of Dunelm’s patrons. Social media buzzed with posts of gift request tags going viral, as the Dunelm Community Facebook members rallied friends and family to join the heartwarming cause.

Local stores, like the one in Paisley, embraced the campaign with open arms. Dunelm Paisley supported various initiatives, including local charities like Renfrewshire Women’s Aid, Stronger Communities, care homes, and schools. The store became a hub of goodwill, with community members working hard to make sure no one in Paisley would go without a gift this Christmas.

As part of the Delivering Joy initiatives, Dunelm Paisley store coach David Black expressed the store’s excitement: “This year we want to help deliver even more joy to people in Paisley, who, without the generosity of our community, may otherwise go without gifts this Christmas.”

The campaign also offered the option of making handmade gifts or donating unused Christmas decorations, adding an extra sprinkle of festive magic to the community causes involved.

And if that wasn’t enough, this year brought a new twist to the tale. Customers could now give an online gift through Dunelm’s charity partner, Mind. By donating £5, £10, or £20, they could help fund information booklets about mental health, support Mind’s trained Infoline team, and provide assistance through Side by Side, Mind’s online community.

Amanda Cox, Chief People Officer & Stores Director at Dunelm, beamed with pride as she shared, “Over the past three years, we are proud to have helped deliver nearly 100,000 gifts to thousands of people who may not otherwise have had anything to open on Christmas Day.”

With the campaign in full swing, the community eagerly awaited the delivery of joy to doorsteps, knowing that no tag left unfulfilled would be funded by Dunelm to ensure that no one went without this Christmas.

And so, the tale of Delivering Joy continued, weaving a tapestry of compassion, generosity, and community spirit, proving that the magic of Christmas lies not just in the gifts we receive, but in the joy we bring to others.

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