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[Interview] A day in the life of… Ellie Jones, Trigwell Cosmetics

Introducing Ellie Jones, the dedicated Operations Manager at Trigwell Cosmetics based in Cwmbrân, Wales. Ellie’s rapid ascent from an E-commerce Merchandiser to Lead Merchandiser and now… View Article


[Interview] A day in the life of… Ellie Jones, Trigwell Cosmetics

Introducing Ellie Jones, the dedicated Operations Manager at Trigwell Cosmetics based in Cwmbrân, Wales.

Ellie’s rapid ascent from an E-commerce Merchandiser to Lead Merchandiser and now to her current role illustrates her exceptional skills in operations and e-commerce. Her diverse background, which includes developing from supervisor to Associate Store Manager (operations) at Morphe showcases her versatility across retail management and community service.

Ellie, could you describe a typical day for you at Trigwell Cosmetics?

My role is central to steering our company’s operational strategy, ensuring we not only meet but exceed our daily and long-term objectives. Each day begins with a strategic review of our performance, identifying key learnings
from yesterday’s data to inform today’s actions. This insight shapes our morning meeting with the leadership team, where we align on the day’s priorities and share critical updates, setting a collaborative tone.

Throughout the day, my focus shifts to strategic engagements, whether it’s refining our approach with the merchandising team or aligning operational support for our social media initiatives. These discussions are essential, as they ensure our operational plans are not just reactive but proactive, anticipating needs and driving innovation.

My role also extends to maintaining robust communication channels with our suppliers, ensuring our operational ecosystem is synchronized and efficient. This oversight ensures we’re not just maintaining the status quo but actively enhancing our operational effectiveness, underpinning Trigwell Cosmetics’ market success.

What challenges do you typically face?

Like many brands, we occasionally face challenges around production or shipment delays. To mitigate these issues, proactive planning is key. I closely monitor and forecast stock levels, maintaining regular communication with our new product development team. This collaboration ensures that our timelines are in sync, enabling me to place purchase orders well in advance. Our goal is to have all necessary products in-house, ready for launch, and to prevent stockouts, ensuring a seamless operation and customer satisfaction.

Can you highlight Trigwell’s sustainability efforts?

Trigwell is deeply committed to enhancing sustainability across all our operations, recognising the significant environmental impact of our industry. Our journey towards sustainability is ongoing and involves several key initiatives: Firstly, we ensure that all our cosmetic products’ outer packaging and mailer boxes are recyclable, supporting our customers’ efforts to live more sustainably. We are also in continuous dialogue with our suppliers to eliminate unnecessary packaging and transition to more eco-friendly alternatives.

During our product development phases, a core focus is minimising the use of single-use plastics and prioritising recyclability. This approach not only aligns with our environmental values but also resonates with our customers who are increasingly eco-conscious. Additionally, we’re constantly evaluating and refining our operational processes across the supply chain to identify opportunities for enhanced efficiency and reduced resource consumption. These steps are part of our broader commitment to sustainability, demonstrating our dedication to responsible business practices and a healthier planet.

What do you find most rewarding in your role?

One of my favourite aspects of my role is overseeing the lifecycle of a Limited-Edition Collection. From the initial spark of product development to the excitement of seeing the first samples, and then witnessing our customers’ joy as they receive these unique products, the journey is immensely gratifying. For instance, our Velvet Valentines Collection was a remarkable success, selling out in just two weeks—a testament to the team’s hard work and our customers’ enthusiasm.

I also love the building and deepening of our relationships with key wholesalers like Beauty Bay, Look Fantastic, Pretty Little Thing, Debenhams, and Just My Look. This is really rewarding. These partnerships not only extend our reach but also affirm the quality and appeal of our products, underscoring the collaborative spirit and shared success that define our work at Trigwell Cosmetics.

How do you ensure a healthy work-life balance?

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial for my well-being and effectiveness both in and out of the office. I achieve this through meticulous time management, carefully organising and prioritising my tasks to ensure that I dedicate ample time to my work responsibilities. This approach not only boosts my productivity at work but also affords me the time I need to enjoy and fulfil my personal life.

Flexibility plays an essential role in this balance. Given that a significant portion of my role involves problem-solving, I try to maintain a flexible schedule that allows me to address work challenges efficiently without compromising important personal commitments. This adaptability has been key to managing both aspects of my life successfully, ensuring that I stay committed and proactive at work while also valuing
and nurturing my time outside of it.

Looking ahead, what trends do you foresee in supply chain management?

In supply chain management, a notable future trend is the evolving gender dynamics within the industry. Historically perceived as a male-dominated field, the landscape is gradually shifting as more women break through gender barriers to assume leadership roles. Despite the myriad challenges they face, women are increasingly making their mark, challenging stereotypes, and demonstrating exceptional leadership and innovation.

This change is not just about increased representation; it’s about the rich perspectives and diverse strategies women bring to the table, which can drive more nuanced and effective solutions in supply chain management. I anticipate a more inclusive industry that uses the strengths and insights of a diverse leadership pool to address complex challenges and harness new opportunities. This evolution is crucial for driving the industry forward in a more balanced direction.

What advice would you offer to aspiring operations managers?

To excel as an operations manager, you should develop your ability to multitask and maintain strategic oversight, ensuring you can handle multiple responsibilities simultaneously without losing focus on the big picture. Cultivate your critical thinking skills to navigate complex challenges and make informed decisions efficiently. Enhance your communication abilities to provide clear directions and engage in collaborative problem-solving. Additionally, become adept at conflict management, addressing issues promptly and constructively to sustain operational efficiency.

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