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Holland & Barrett has been accredited as a Menopause Friendly Employer

Holland & Barrett have been accredited as a Menopause Friendly Employer. This is the latest accreditation as H&B evolves its colleague support, creating a positive and… View Article


Holland & Barrett has been accredited as a Menopause Friendly Employer

Holland & Barrett have been accredited as a Menopause Friendly Employer.

This is the latest accreditation as H&B evolves its colleague support, creating a positive and inclusive working environment for all.

The Menopause Friendly Accreditation, established by Henpicked: Menopause In The Workplace is industry-recognised and the only accreditation that sets clear standards which must be met. As such, it is truly meaningful and considered by many as a mark of excellence for menopause in the workplace.

Holland & Barrett’s colleagues have undergone extensive health training, which includes menopause education. Over 4,000 colleagues have received this training, and an eLearning module on menopause has been made available to all staff across the business. This initiative aims to educate and raise awareness about this important stage of life.

In order to achieve The Menopause Friendly Accreditation, employers are assessed by an Independent Panel and must demonstrate evidence of their effectiveness in six key areas, namely: culture, policies and practices, training, engagement, facilities and evaluation.

Maria Anderson, Chief People Officer at Holland & Barrett, commented, “We are incredibly proud to have achieved the Menopause Friendly Accreditation. At Holland & Barrett, we believe in supporting our colleagues throughout all stages of their lives and menopause is no exception. We understand the impact that menopause can have on individuals, both physically and emotionally, and we are committed to providing the necessary support and resources to help our colleagues navigate this time with greater ease.”

To further support colleagues, Holland & Barrett has developed a comprehensive Guide to Menopause. This guide serves as a valuable resource, signposting internal support available to colleagues. It includes information on how to request extra uniform, access to portable desk fans and guidance on how to have a wellbeing conversation with their line manager. By providing these resources, Holland & Barrett aims to ensure that colleagues feel supported and empowered to manage their menopause symptoms effectively while at work.

In addition to the Guide to Menopause, Holland & Barrett offers a range of support services. Colleagues can book a free 15-minute consultation with a menopause health nurse, who can provide expert advice and guidance. Furthermore, the company has trained 50 mental health first aiders who are available to provide support and assistance. Colleagues can also access free counselling through Holland & Barrett’s 24/7 Employee Assistance Programme, ensuring that they have access to help to maintain their mental wellbeing.

Holland & Barrett has supported its customers with access to menopause products and advice for over 50 years, and it is now also offering its highly trained colleagues to run free menopause information workshops in workplaces and at community groups across the UK. Fifteen colleagues who have the highest level of H&B’s accredited health and wellness training are equipped with additional training and resources so they can offer menopause talks free of charge – helping others to improve menopause awareness and education.

“Holland & Barrett has undertaken a huge amount of work in order to be accredited as a menopause friendly employer and I congratulate the whole team for its focus and dedication,” says Deborah Garlick, CEO of Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace.  “I also applaud the way that Holland & Barrett is actively cascading its knowledge and expertise to customers and the wider community. This is admirable and will no doubt help many other people speak up and seek help to manage their menopause symptoms.”


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