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Five minutes with…  Luke Williams, founder of Justmylook

After launching in 2015, online beauty retailer Justmylook now offers over 7,000 products from more than 300 prestige brands. The company has recently ventured into physical… View Article


Five minutes with… Luke Williams, founder of Justmylook

After launching in 2015, online beauty retailer Justmylook now offers over 7,000 products from more than 300 prestige brands. The company has recently ventured into physical retail with a store in Brighouse. Here we talk to Justmylook founder Luke Williams about the company’s journey and future plans.

You founded Justmylook in 2015. What were you doing prior to that and what prompted you to set up an online beauty business? 

My ambition was to go to university; however, I missed my grade requirements. The plan was to re-sit the required exams and re-apply. However, whilst ‘revising’, the idea for Justmylook was conceptualised. I never bothered turning up to the exams…

Could you tell us how you’ve developed the company and the specific challenges you’ve faced? 

Persistence and hard work are critical. We’ve faced multiple challenges along the way, as well as making our fair share of mistakes. The important thing is to learn from these, and never make the same mistake twice.

The online beauty market has grown rapidly over the last few years, what’s your USP? 

The beauty market is fast-paced and dynamic. It’s also extremely competitive and growing more so. We differentiate by providing customers with a quick and easy shopping experience, as well as unrivalled after-sale customer care and advice. Our product range is handpicked by our buying team, who carefully curate our offering to embrace the individual needs of our growing customer base.

Tell us more about your customers and how you engage with them. 

Our core customer base is female, and our ambition is to carry a wide range of brands that cater to all demographics and price points. To engage with our consumers, we run exciting offers and promotions in collaboration with our brand partners, as well as regularly introducing new and upcoming brands to our product offering.

Justmylook has just opened its first physical store. Do you see your retail footprint developing further in the future? 

Maybe in the future, if we’re feeling brave!

The company has been very innovative in the store and we particularly like the interactive TikTok area. Can you tell us more about that? 

TikTok is a great platform for consumers to discover new beauty products. In the store, we decided to embrace the influence of the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt trend, giving customers an opportunity to discover new and exciting products each time they visit our store.

Can you tell us about any customer trends at Justmylook? 

We have noticed a tail-off in the popularity of ‘influencer-led’ brands. We see customers opting for tried and tested brands, with history, heritage, and science playing an increasingly important role.

What are your future plans for Justmylook and what do you see as being the biggest challenges and opportunities over the next two years? 

Our plan is to continue on the same growth trajectory, with the ultimate goal of becoming the go-to beauty retailer when shopping online in the UK. The thirst for beauty has never been higher, which poses a challenge as new players continue to enter the already crowded market.

What are your top tips for developing a successful online retail business? 

Retail is tough. Having close and harmonious relationships with your brands is paramount, as, without them, you don’t have a business. Also, be mindful of customer retention. Many businesses fall into the trap of funnelling budget into customer acquisition whilst neglecting their current customer base.

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