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[Interview] PiRA Judge: Catriona Gault, Sue Ryder

Meet Catriona Gault, Associate Director of People Services at Sue Ryder and our latest addition to the People in Retail Awards 2024 Judging Panel. With her… View Article


[Interview] PiRA Judge: Catriona Gault, Sue Ryder

Meet Catriona Gault, Associate Director of People Services at Sue Ryder and our latest addition to the People in Retail Awards 2024 Judging Panel.

With her extensive experience in recruitment and human resources, Catriona brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the judging process. Her deep understanding of the importance of recognizing and rewarding individuals within the sector makes her a valuable asset to our team of judges. Catriona’s passion for highlighting the essential roles played by individuals, particularly in charity-led organisations like Sue Ryder, will ensure that nominations are evaluated with a keen focus on the impact individuals have on both their organisations and the communities they serve.

What inspired you to become a judge for the People in Retail Awards?
People across the sector work incredibly hard. The inner workings of a retail organisation are vast, and most people have no idea what a mammoth of a machine it is until they’re part of it. Of course, withing charity retail, the role becomes even more crucial. Did you know that the entire hospice sector in the UK is charity-led? Government funding covers only about 30% of what’s required. Through our network of over 390 shops, we generate substantial revenue crucial for hospice services. The individuals working in these shops are often unsung heroes, playing a vital role in supporting critical services, including bereavement support.

What role do rewards/recognition play in retail and why do you think they’re important?
Rewards and recognition don’t have to be complicated. These Awards provide a straightforward opportunity to acknowledge people’s contributions. There aren’t many avenues for recognition in this industry, particularly ones focused on the people rather than just commercial profits. For us, awards boost morale and highlights the essential roles each individual plays in our mission.

Why do you believe focusing on people is crucial?
Fundamentally, businesses can’t operate without people. Whether it’s frontline staff or managers, every role contributes to the functioning of an organisation. People seek human interaction and need connect with others making their role indispensable in any business.

Can you share an experience from your career that exemplifies where people can make a difference?
At Sue Ryder, about 20% of our hires in retail stores are former volunteers which is amazing. These individuals, often facing personal challenges, come to us seeking experience or a fresh start. We work with them to prepare for work, providing training and support. Witnessing their transformation and the impact on society as a whole is truly rewarding. Our retail operation is not just about selling goods; it’s about providing opportunities and changing lives.

What criteria are you looking for when evaluating nominations for the People in Retail Awards?
I’ll be looking for individuals or teams going above and beyond their expected roles, making a significant impact. What sets them apart? What’s the end result of their efforts? How have they contributed not just to the bottom line but also to the community and the organisation’s mission?

Any advice or top tips for companies entering?
Don’t be humble. Take this opportunity to showcase your achievements, even if they seem simple. What you’re doing might be making a significant difference, and it’s essential to highlight that. Whether it’s innovative strategies, impactful community initiatives, or exceptional teamwork, don’t hesitate to share your story.

In the end, it’s not just about winning an award; it’s about recognising the incredible work being done in the retail sector and inspiring others to follow suit.

To find out more, visit The People in Retail Awards 2024. 


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