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Coco de Mer Awarded the positive luxury Butterfly Mark

Coco de Mer proudly announces its prestigious certification with the Butterfly Mark, an emblem synonymous with genuine change-makers in the realm of luxury. Powered by Positive… View Article


Coco de Mer Awarded the positive luxury Butterfly Mark

Coco de Mer proudly announces its prestigious certification with the Butterfly Mark, an emblem synonymous with genuine change-makers in the realm of luxury.

Powered by Positive Luxury, the Butterfly Mark is exclusively granted to brands that consistently elevate their standards, championing both people and the environment. To obtain this esteemed accolade, Coco de Mer underwent a meticulous, expert-led, independent evaluation, meticulously aligned with international accords, global frameworks, and potential forthcoming legislation. It encompasses the comprehensive spectrum of sustainability: Environmental, Social, and Governance.

Securing this coveted certification necessitated substantiating a multitude of sustainable practices across diverse fronts. These included considerations like climate and environmental impact, labor treatment, community well-being, as well as ethical and responsible governance. No facet was overlooked.

Reflecting on this accomplishment, Lucy Litwack, CEO & Owner of Coco de Mer, shared her sentiments: “Being part of the Positive Luxury community holds immense significance, and I am profoundly proud of what this signifies for Coco de Mer. As we intensify our focus on sustainability within our overarching strategy, we are unswervingly committed to making a positive difference for society and the planet. Our objective is to cultivate a transparent brand that advocates responsible practices and leverages its platform to champion social justice on a global scale.”

Litwack added, “Our purpose-driven approach is pivotal, rooted in our unwavering dedication to advancing women’s causes, which underpins every facet of Coco de Mer. We aspire to go beyond the conventional, to nurture our planet and promote female empowerment with equal ardor. Positive Luxury is poised to be an invaluable compass, guiding us toward a sustainable future by integrating best practices and pioneering industry-leading actions in a conscientious manner.”

Amy Nelson-Bennett, Co-CEO of Positive Luxury, extended her appreciation, saying, “It is with great pride that we announce Coco de Mer’s attainment of the Butterfly Mark, a symbol of genuine transformation achieved through the rigorous elevation of standards for both people and the environment. Coco de Mer has ingrained sustainability at the core of its operations, advocating for women and social impact, collaborating with and educating suppliers, and setting targets to reduce its environmental footprint following a comprehensive carbon assessment. This is a brand that defies societal norms with audacity. Transparency and tangible impact are focal points for this impassioned team of trailblazers, and Positive Luxury is privileged to collaborate with them—true catalysts of real change.”

The renowned ‘Home of Pleasure’ excelled in multiple vital areas, as evidenced by the following percentages:

– Ethics and fair operating practices: 84%
– People management: 82%
– Sustainability purpose: 79%
– Diversity, equality, and inclusion: 74%
– Animal welfare: 71%

This accomplishment marks a pivotal juncture in Coco de Mer’s enduring commitment to sustainability. The Butterfly Mark stands as a testament to the brand’s unwavering dedication to progress, tireless efforts over easy solutions, and an unbreakable vow to ongoing enhancement. Coco de Mer now joins a burgeoning cohort of luxury brands committed to transforming the concept of luxury for the greater good of all.

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