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Liberating creativity: LEGO® Introduces Play Unstoppable Creativity Studios

In a move set to empower and embolden young minds, the LEGO Group is gearing up to launch an engaging series of workshops under the banner… View Article


Liberating creativity: LEGO® Introduces Play Unstoppable Creativity Studios

In a move set to empower and embolden young minds, the LEGO Group is gearing up to launch an engaging series of workshops under the banner of Play Unstoppable Creativity Studios.

Scheduled for a summer debut, this innovative workshop series invites children aged 6-12 to break free from creative constraints and unleash their imaginative prowess. Collaborating with internationally acclaimed creatives – including character design sensation Cabeza Patata, renowned gamer Lauryn Alexandria, and craft maestro Jessie Bluegrey – the Play Unstoppable workshops aim to nurture free expression and hands-on creativity.

A recent survey conducted by the LEGO Group, which involved 6,844 parents and children aged 6-14, revealed that 88% of children embrace play due to its open-ended nature. With this insight in mind, the workshops are carefully curated to provide an open canvas for kids to explore their creative thoughts.

From envisioning characters with Cabeza Patata to constructing vibrant gaming realms with Lauryn Alexandria and embracing individuality with Jessie Bluegrey, these workshops offer a platform for children to exhibit their unique artistic vision.

The unveiling of these workshops serves as a pillar of the Play Unstoppable initiative, a movement that celebrates the limitless capabilities of children when unencumbered by boundaries. According to research, 91% of parents acknowledge their children’s propensity to experiment with new concepts through play, while a remarkable 88% of children appreciate play for its unrestricted potential[2]. Through the Play Unstoppable workshops, the LEGO Group aims to amplify and nurture creative self-expression, affirming that the possibilities are endless when armed with LEGO bricks.

This groundbreaking initiative includes a series of captivating events. Cabeza Patata and Lauryn Alexandria will headline special workshops at flagship LEGO® stores in London and New York. Additionally, Jessie Bluegrey will interact with fans through a meet and greet session in Munich. As part of the digital experience, online workshops inspired by these creative luminaries will be accessible through and the LEGO Life app. Moreover, an array of workshops hosted by enthusiastic store associates will be conducted across 190+ LEGO stores spanning Europe, the USA, and Canada.

“The Play Unstoppable sessions are designed to ignite their passions, dreams, and unique identities. Our LEGO workshops will show girls they can do anything and be anything they imagine,” says Alero Akuya, VP of Global Brand at the LEGO Group.

Intriguing opportunities await children seeking to embrace their creativity this summer:

  1. Play Unstoppable Creativity Studios: Engage in immersive workshops hosted by the likes of Cabeza Patata and Lauryn Alexandria at select LEGO® stores. For those unable to attend in person, themed online workshops await on and the LEGO Life app.
  2. Play Unstoppable Creativity Workshops: Over 190 LEGO stores across Europe, the US, and Canada will play host to Play Unstoppable Creativity Workshops led by spirited store associates.
  3. Online: Play Unstoppable Creativity At Home: Explore virtual workshops crafted by Cabeza Patata, Lauryn, and Jessie. Dive into creativity from the comfort of home through and the LEGO Life app.

The Play Unstoppable movement celebrates the exuberant spirit of young creators. Join in and embrace the boundless world of imagination, as Lauryn Alexandria aptly puts it, “It’s time to celebrate the many ways in which girls can play freely, without any stereotypes holding them back.” The journey of creative exploration is set to commence with LEGO.

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