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Christmas 2021: The festive ads – Part 2

It’s Friday so let’s head straight into round two of our Christmas 2021 festive adverts roundup. In addition to last week (if you missed it, check… View Article


Christmas 2021: The festive ads – Part 2

It’s Friday so let’s head straight into round two of our Christmas 2021 festive adverts roundup.

In addition to last week (if you missed it, check out part 1 here), a number of retailers dropped their seasonal festival campaigns. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

 The tearjerker from Amazon: Kindness, the greatest gift

Amazon has warmed the hearts of viewers with its Christmas advert about kindness and friendship. It focuses on how the acts of kindness from strangers can help those struggling in a post pandemic world. The two-minute video tells the story of a young woman adapting to life again after a difficult year due to Covid-19.

Aldi:  Ebanana Scrooge

Earlier this week, Aldi released their ‘teaser’ campaign which  conspicuously did not include Kevin the Carrot causing much speculation over his fate. Subsequently, Aldi released its full length festive ad in which the brand mascot returns for his sixth year.

The ad plays on the classic Charles Dickens’ story A Christmas Carol. Ebanana Scrooge, a new character for the supermarket, is confronted by the Christmas ghost of Kevin for his humbug attitude and taken on a winter flight to remind him of the joys of the season

McDonald: “Introducing Imaginary Iggy! Are you #ReindeerReady?”

McDonald’s has been known to tug at the heartstrings with their Christmas adverts – and this year looks no different. The ad features young girl Matilda’s journey from a whimsical child bonding over Christmas rituals with her imaginary friend Iggy, to her growing up and leaving him behind in her childhood – until a moment of Christmas joy helps to spark her memory.

Matalan: Real Moments, Real Magic

Matalan has launched a series of Christmas adverts as part of its “Real Moments, Real Magic” campaign.

Jeff Howarth, Omnichannel Marketing Director at Matalan said:  “Christmas doesn’t have to be perfect, and we all know there is no such thing. It’s those family traditions and the intimate and spontaneous moments that really create the magic. We really think this campaign has captured this perfectly.”

Lidl: Big on a Christmas you can ALWAYS believe in

The festive campaign sits within the supermarket’s ‘Big On’ creative framework, which aims to make Lidl as famous for quality as it is for price. Lidl offer a humorous glimpse into the future and how humans might enjoy the festivities years from now. Festive traditions remain the same, as does the message “always Lidl on price”.

Asda: Make Christmas Spectacular

Asda puts Christmas ‘on ice’ to showcase product quality and range. The ad follows a family gliding through a series of Christmas moments; from the school Christmas play to festive dinners and the office party. The whole thing plays out to Boléro – made world-famous by Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean’s 1984 Winter Olympics routine.

Debenham:  A Christmas Like Never Before

For the first Christmas together, the Debenhams campaign highlights the importance of family and inclusivity from the perceptive view of a child.  The ad starts by reminiscing on the last year and special moments families and friends missed out on, then reminds its audience that unlike 2020, this year people have the chance to make “magical memories” with loved ones.

Coca Cola: Real Magic

Coke is looking to celebrate community and inclusion this Christmas using the ‘Real Magic’ campaign. The ad tells the story of a boy moving into a new apartment with his mum at Christmas. Noticing there is no fireplace, the boy realises that without a chimney, Santa Claus cannot visit his home to deliver presents. With the help of neighbours, he builds a chimney himself out of boxes.

Very: It’s the very best excuse

The festive Very ad encourages viewers to celebrate the things we can only get away with at Christmas time –  drinking gin in your PJs in front of the TV while binging on period dramas, dressing up babies in festive costumes or even treating yourself to a luxurious gift.

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