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The Retail Bulletin explores omnichannel retail, providing you with the latest news, insights and commentaries on the topic.

What is Omnichannel Retail?

Omnichannel retail is a strategy that enables customers to shop through multiple channels such as online, mobile, physical stores and catalogues. Omnichannel retail seeks to create a unified customer experience that provides shoppers with more convenience and better access to products and services.

Retailers that adopt an omnichannel approach strive for greater personalisation of their offerings, leveraging technology and data to understand customers and meet their needs.

These days most customers expect an outstanding omnichannel experience. It provides flexibility in payment options, allowing shoppers to make purchases in any form they prefer and enables customers to access products they may not find in physical stores.

The Retail Bulletins collection of omnichannel insights and news will help retailers understand industry best practices and support them in creating seamless experiences across channels.

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