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Greggs Breakfast Clubs and ‘Agents of Change’ Program Make Strides in Child Well-being

Empowering Futures: In a milestone celebration, The Greggs Foundation, an independent grant-making charity supported by Greggs plc, commemorates the first anniversary of its impactful free education… View Article


Greggs Breakfast Clubs and ‘Agents of Change’ Program Make Strides in Child Well-being

Empowering Futures: In a milestone celebration, The Greggs Foundation, an independent grant-making charity supported by Greggs plc, commemorates the first anniversary of its impactful free education program.

In an effort to address the pressing issues of the cost-of-living crisis and the escalating challenges faced by households with children experiencing food insecurity, the Greggs Foundation and Rethink Food have navigated a year of impactful collaboration. Their joint initiative, “Agents of Change,” focuses on educating children about food security, sustainability, and healthy choices, leaving an indelible mark on community well-being.

Launched with the goal of instilling knowledge about food security and sustainability, ‘Agents of Change’ has been a beacon of positive change, reaching over 29,000 children in 290 schools across the UK in just one year.

Developed in collaboration with the food education charity Rethink Food, the ‘Agents of Change’ program has proven to be a catalyst for transformation. With a projected expansion to 600 schools by 2025, it aims to enrich the lives of up to 50,000 children, contributing significantly to the Greggs Foundation’s commitment to building stronger, healthier communities.

The partnership between The Greggs Foundation and Rethink Food has not only brought vital education to thousands of children but has also played a pivotal role in enhancing the highly successful Greggs Breakfast Clubs network. These clubs, now numbering over 840 nationwide, have become a cornerstone of community support, providing nutritious meals to more than 52,000 children daily.

The synergy between ‘Agents of Change’ and the Greggs Breakfast Clubs is evident in the holistic approach taken toward child well-being. The educational program, seamlessly integrated into the school curriculum, has offered children a unique opportunity to understand the importance of sustainable living and healthy food choices. The engaging content of ‘Agents of Change,’ tailored to the curriculum, has resonated with both pupils and teachers, adding significant value to the Breakfast Clubs.

Tracy Lynch, Greggs Foundation Manager said: “We are very proud with what we have achieved within our first year of launching the programme in partnership with Rethink Food. It’s been a fantastic addition to our Breakfast Club programme and has been welcomed by both pupils and teachers across our school network.  The fun and engaging style of The Agents of Change has been a great way to offer an added value education programme to our Breakfast Clubs in a format which we know children respond to.  We are excited to be able to support even more schools through our partnership with Rethink in the future.”

Nathan Atkinson, Rethink Food said: This partnership has given us the opportunity to create an inspiring, positive, and empowering educational programme for primary school children. The feedback from schools has been extremely positive with young people across the country having taken positive action in support of a brighter future.

Beyond the educational aspect, Greggs Breakfast Clubs, with their modest setup cost of £3,000, have not only fed children but have also created safe spaces for socialization, fun, and additional enrichment activities. The clubs, varying in size and offerings, emphasize the freedom for schools to choose nutritious options, further enriching the lives of children.

This dual commitment to education and nutrition aligns with The Greggs Foundation’s overarching mission to contribute to the well-being of communities. The success of ‘Agents of Change’ and the continued growth of the Breakfast Clubs network underscore the potential for positive, sustainable change when organisations come together with a shared vision for the future.

As The Greggs Foundation marks this significant anniversary, it stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, education, and community support in shaping a brighter and healthier future for the children of today and tomorrow.

The Foundation meets its purpose and objectives through the funding of charitable organisations, with principal grant programmes including:

  • Breakfast Club Programme – established in 1999 to help primary school children get a nutritious start to their school day. Every school is provided with fresh bread from their nearest Greggs shop and a grant to support start-up and ongoing costs.
  • Community Holiday Club Programme – provides food and activities to children to reduce the impact of poverty and social deprivation during the school holidays.
  • Hardship Fund – provides small grants to families and individuals in extreme financial hardship. This programme provides household equipment, such as cookers, fridge freezers, clothing or shopping vouchers where this will make a significant difference to people’s lives.
  • Community Hub Programme – Makes grants of up to £20,000 per year to support charitable organisations across the country that are near to a Greggs Outlet store. We look for organisations that have food at the heart of what they do and can provide space and opportunity in those communities for people to come together, build connections and improve health and wellbeing.
  • North East Core Fund – makes grants of up to £60,000 over up to three years to support the core costs of charitable organisations in the North East of England who are supporting their communities.


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