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Future Proofing Retail Engagement Strategy

18 November 2020, Online Meeting

The Future of Retail Customer Engagement 2020

This interactive retailer-led day will look at a number of key themes, including:

Strategic joined up customer engagement to start and build.
What a powerful pull engagement strategy will look like in 2021 and beyond
Simple examples of how to deliver the best possible experience - build loyalty
Examples from the top retailers on what an effective customer engagement transformation looks like and the technologies involved.
Insight from one of the worlds leading retail futurologists
Examine developments in technology including AI, VR and AR driving customer engagement transformation
Join us as we drill down into these exciting areas and examine how retailers are grappling with the challenges and opportunities they are presenting in relationships with their customers.

Meet The 2020 Speakers


Geoff Bull

Chief Marketing Officer


Saurabh Bahadur

Director Customer Experience
Domestic & General (2018-2020)


Robert Bridge

Childs Farm (2019-2020)

What you will learn

COVID-19 has raised the stakes when it comes to the customer experience – the retailers that will succeed will be those who are able to deeply understand their customer, exceed their expectations, adapt quickly to change, and become truly customer-centric by placing their customer at the heart of everything they do. Being able to democratise and weaponise your data, and using AI and machine learning where needed, is a necessary foundation for this and, done properly, will be a game-changer.



Due to the Corona crisis, purchases are increasingly shifting to the internet. This increases the competition among online retailers. So how can the shopping experience be designed in such a way that customers are happy and shops are successful?



With the pandemic disrupting customer loyalty as consumers scurried to find alternatives due to low stock levels, retailers are now finding ways to win their customers back.



Retailers are also now faced with an unprecedented amount of customer data – they need to know how they harness it to anticipate what customers expect and value, improve experiences and set themselves up against competitors.



Join The Retail Bulletin for an interactive retailer-led series of webinars that will examine key themes around the future of customer engagement.

What our delegates say

“Relevant and valuable content for retailers to engage customers and increase sales”

“An excellent conference as usual, very informative with a range of different speakers”

“As always an excellent mix of challenging ideas, profound definitions and optimised for the sector”

“A broad range of topics covered - all relevant and interesting”

“Presented at the right level, fast paced and full of relevant information”

“delighted to be invited to a TRB summit to contribute to a great event with some outstanding topics and learning experiences from some of the leading organisations in the UK”

“Engaging insights into the latest technologies being implemented by other retailers”

“Engaging Employees to drive innovation. Engaging and enjoyed good video content”

“Great to discuss the challenges and opportunities other retailers are facing”

“TRB is a great way to learn about new trends & technologies and to meet people in the same industry”

“Very interesting sessions that are thought provoking and encourage a fresh view on HR inside sharing culture”

“TRB is a one-stop-shop to understand what is happening at other retailers”

“Great content and some and impressive speakers from some high profile companies”

“The day provided a number of initiatives for me to consider implementing”

“It continues to be a great place to meet colleagues and network, a forum where I always come across new relevant and practical ideas”

“Very interesting - learnt lots so thank you”

“Perfect mix of new tech, how retail and the online marketplace can be combined and brand stores”

“This event far exceeded my expectations on all levels”

“Great opportunity to network with omnichannel experts and enthusiasts”

“Well worth attending and looking forward to putting key pointers of how important HR is to the company and its strategies”

“Jam-packed agenda provided value for money and time”

“An informal, relaxed, inclusive and collaborative event - yet highly informative and relevant to the current challenges that HR faces and some great take-outs to use at work”

“Very enjoyable event, great speakers”

“A great forum for sharing ideas, some stimulating conversations from different sectors”

“As usual a fantastic event by The Retail Bulletin - very informative speakers talking about the importance of customers and actionable insights from data”

Who should attend?

These webinars are designed for retailers working in senior and mid management marketing roles.  If you are looking to understand and develop a long term  x-channel marketing strategy that accommodates emerging trends in customer engagement, then this will arm you with ideas, action points and new contacts to help you in your journey. The event will have a forward looking strategic focus and is aimed at executives within retail marketing teams in the following job functions:
  • Retail Marketing
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Service
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Market Research
  • Customer Insights
  • Brand Experience
  • Data Science
  • Shopper Insights
  • Retail Analytics
  • UX / UI Design

Venue & Contact

Online Meeting

18 November 2020


For retail speaker opportunities:

Claire Knott
T: 01276 489626

For sponsorship and non retailer speaker opportunities:

Karen Howard
T: 01276 489626 M:07725414385

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