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The 2021 Programme

10:00 - 10:05

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Chair's welcome and opening comments
Darren Williams, CEO, Scrubd & Managing Director, Williams Harding

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10.05 - 10.25

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 Fireside Keynote Chat: Pandemic winners - building on success and maintaining it

Our fireside chat with the CEO of JML will look at what the next steps are for retail post COVID-19 and how they can maintain the momentum to build on the progress made.

  • Stories of success during the pandemic - how to prevent going back on this
  • Will the migration to online retail slow down or even reverse?
  • What about changes to your omnichannel strategy going forward?
Ken Daly, CEO, JML Group
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11.30 - 12.15

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Webinar Session No 1: Changes in consumer behaviour - how do omnichannel retailers respond?
This session looks at how retailers are getting to grips with the rapid acceleration of online and implementing it quickly on response to consumer behaviour.

  • Impact of Covid-19 on businesses - how organisations have adapted and lessons learnt
  • Supporting omnichannel management in a changing environment
  • How to enhance your omnichannel capabilities through rapid growth/investment - what are the cost and sustainability implications?
  • The importance of customer service and why it matters
Connie Nam, Founder & CEO, Astrid & Miyu
Jo Causon, CEO, Institute of Customer Services
Simon Irwin, Director EU General Retail, Credit Suisse
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13.00 - 13.45

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Webinar Session No 2: The importance of leveraging data in omnichannel retail - delivering a genuinely personalised CX
Building the next-generation shopping experience is not a function of how much money spent on marketing or how nice the shopping cart is - it is driven by how well retailers can manage their customer data.

  • Data measurement - attribution and incrementality
  • Joined up data and analysis - the key tools and techniques
  • The importance of traffic data - insight about your shoppers' chosen journeys
  • Keep data as your ally - why behavioural analytics is imperative to future success
  • The development of personalisation in online retail
Trevor Gordon, Global Director of Omni-Channel Retail, Sodexo
Christopher Bull, CTO, Stitched
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14.30 - 15.15

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Webinar Session No 3: Future leverage of brand awareness across all platforms
This session will discuss the various approaches to meet the customer wherever and whenever, to ensure that retailers are ready to interact with their brand.

  • Brand experience in an omnichannel landscape
  • Brand challenges - managing full price vs off price across channels
  • How do retailers respond to their market with authenticity?
  • Who is the new digital shopper and how to build their trust?
  • Using tech to build brand loyalty and customer engagement
Bunty Stokes, Managing Director, Sunuva (2015-2020)
Claire Burrows, Founder, Air & Grace
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16.00 - 16.45

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Webinar Session No 4: The importance of a connected journey - understanding your customer at every step

With the shift to digital that has been fuelled by the pandemic, this session will examine how to identify the right channels for the business to interact with customers.

  • Ensuring that the customer experience is consistent across all touchpoints and channels
  • Eliminating silos to build seamless and integrated experiences  - joining up the dots of online > offline & vice versa
  • New digital / AI tools providing a better customer experience
Graham Wilson, Head of Business Development, Sofology
Sally Price, Digital Campaign Manager, Matalan
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Venue & Contact

Online Meeting

10 February 2021


For retail speaker opportunities:

Claire Knott
T: 01276 489626

For sponsorship and non retailer speaker opportunities:

Karen Howard
T: 01276 489626 M:07725414385

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