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Omnichannel Futures Conference 2020
Online Conversion Summit 2020
Future of Retail Marketing 2020
The HR Summit 2020
The Future Of AI in Retail Conference 2020

The 2020 Programme

09.15 - 09.25

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Chair's welcome and opening comments
Gracia Amico, Digital Strategy, Scotch & Soda; NED

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09.25 - 09.55

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RETAIL KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Future innovation proofing - going back to basics 'successful retailers meet customer needs'

  • Having a good strategy and sticking to it, executing it well - know your customers
  • Retail is dead? Boring retail is!
  • Think customer needs, not selling stuff - creating a great instore experience
  • Know your customer better than your competitor knows your customer
  • Be brave, be fast, be bold - fail quickly, double down on winners

Peter Pritchard, Group CEO, Pets at Home

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09.55- 10.25

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RETAIL CASE STUDY: Building trust with your customers through experiential strategy

  • Why do online retailers still use TV adverting to build trust in their brand?
  • How is shareholder value the primary driver for retail?
  • Will there be an Amazon 'backlash'?
  • Is 'dataism' the new retail religion?

Ken Daly, CEO, JML

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10.25 - 10.55

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RETAIL FIRESIDE CHAT: Reaping the future dividends of retail brand transformation
Our speaker draws on his experience of re-positioning and revitalising of the Whittard business to ensure future retail longevity.

  • Revitalising the customer proposition to ensure brand dividend
  • Moving from the high street to being an aspirational brand - making it relevant to a global audience
  • Opportunities for retail - transforming scale of business, catering to a wider audience
  • Building emotional attachment

Mark Dunhillformer CEO, Whittard of Chelsea

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11.20 - 11.45

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RETAIL CASE STUDY: Demystifying the role of AI, mobile and big data on future of omnichannel - the development of personalisation

  • The different factors that affect personalisation
  • The development of personalisation in online fashion retail
  • The five ways we are using AI at Zalando
  • Algorithmic Fashion Companion (AFC) - sizing; homepage
  • Personalisation - mobile; big data

Melissa Weston, Marketing Lead - UK & Ireland, Zalando SE

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11.45 - 12.30

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RETAIL PANEL DISCUSSION: Instore digital innovation - providing the ulimate shopping experience
Today's customers want the choice they get online but with the personal service they can only get instore. This session will explore solutions to bring the convenience of online shopping instore via the latest omnichannel innovation.

  • Meeting customers' demands with full system integration
  • The use of RFID - could cashless / cardless checkouts genuinely change the customer experience for the better?
  • Using VR to deliver what customers will buy
  • Walk in, walk out technology
  • Start-up perspective

Chris Brooks, Managing Director, Oneiota
Ian McBeth, Interim Director of Technology, Josh Wood Colour
James Coughlan, Digital Director, Van Monster

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12.30 - 13.30 LUNCH & NETWORKING
13.30 - 14.20

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RETAIL PANEL DISCUSSION: Using new digital innovation to enhance sales and differentiation - preparing for future digital realities
Digital is the only point at which retailers are seeing sales grow - getting the experience right will be important as they develop their business models for the future.

  • Growing digital growth revenue across all brands
  • Improving your digital channels
  • What solutions can help with becoming an agile digital organisation with the customer centric approach?
  • Digital transformation projects and system implementations - reduce the risk of failure and delay

Brendan Abbott, Head of Retail, Travel & Leisure, Experian 
James Miller, Head of Analytics & Insight, Intu
Antony Eden, Head of eCommerce, Studio
Will Verrill, Co-Founder, Stitched
Kerry Murphy, Founder, The Fabricant
Harpreet Cheema, Head of Digital, Sodexo

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14.20 - 15.00

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1. How do retailers transform to survive in today's dynamic climate - developing dynamic capabilities

  • Sensing the need to change
  • Seizing the right opportunities
  • Transforming the organisation
  • Steps and specific activities
  • Research findings and practical case study examples

Edda Blumenstein, Doctoral Researcher and Omnichannel Strategy Advisor, Leeds University Business School

2. Data-driven omnichannel marketing

  • Omnichannel retail market snapshot and trends
  • Best practices to create a seamless online to offline experience
  • Case study examples of retailers doing this well

Sarah Ahmad, Industry Manager, Google

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15.20 - 15.55

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1. New retail at Alibaba - reshaping the future of commerce in China
Our first speaker will discuss how 'new retail' is shaping the future of eCommerce in China and globally - and how Alibaba's own innovation and tech infrastructure fits within this context.

  • The changing retail landscape - the 'evolution of the high street'
  • The importance of online/offline experience for today's consumer
  • Why China is an example to the rest of the world in using technology to connect consumer and merchants globally
  • Using customer data to inform products, services and ecosystems
  • What will drive future sales and profits?
  • Digitising and democratising global trade

Jack Peters, Business Development Director, Alibaba Group

2. - using an eCommerce platform effectively to export both globally and locally
The key to achieving this is, is a combination of different approaches depending on the type of brand. Our second speaker will look at options for merchants who are launching into new markets - multi-currency feature, multicurrency Apps, or deploying separate stores.

Eva Pascoe, Non-Executive Director, Bluebella

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15.55 - 16.15

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EXPERT OPINION: Leveraging data to deliver a genuinely personalised omnichannel customer experience
Whilst most organisations are striving to offer a true omnichannel customer experience, only 7% currently do. This session will share exclusive ICS research that re-enforces the importance of building trust with customers and the importance of long term relationships, not just an opportunity to sell more stuff!

  • Customers have diverse attitudes towards use of personal data and channel experiences with organisations
  • Customers' channel preferences are influenced by context and the purpose of contact
  • Few organisations deliver a fully integrated channel experience but most are working towards it

Jo Causon, CEO, Institute of Customer Service

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16.15 - 16.40

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RETAIL CASE STUDY: Re-evaluating the retail operating model to ensure retail longevity
Retailers need change their standard operating structures and have one role that is responsible for customers across all channels. There is never one single director that is empowered to consider the customer journey requirements across all channels, and own the strategy for delivering best in class across all of them. Wilko are evaluating their current operating model - to evaluate what works for the business, to envisage the best way ensure longevity.Lalit Suryawanshi, Enterprise Architect, Wilko

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16.40 - 16.45 Chair's summary and closing remarks

Venue & Contact

Cavendish Conference Centre, 22 Duchess Mews, London W1G 9DT

0207 637 5526 or 0207 631 2055

5 February 2020

For retail speaker opportunities:

Claire Knott
T: 01276 489626

For sponsorship and non retailer speaker opportunities:

Karen Howard
T: 01276 489626 M:07725414385

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Omnichannel Futures Conference 2020
Omnichannel Futures Conference 2020
5 February 2020
Cavendish Conference Centre, 22 Duchess Mews, London W1G 9DT
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