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EVENTS - Retail Customer Engagement Summit



Retail Customer Engagement Summit

Retail Customer Engagement Summit

5 June 2018, Cavendish Conference Centre, London W1

The 9th Annual Retail Customer Engagement Summit


The 9th Annual Retail Customer Engagement Summit

Tuesday 5th June 2018
Cavendish Conference Centre, London W1

Changing markets...changing customers - how to still be relevant?

The way customers want to shop is constantly changing and evolving - they are demanding more and more flexibility and more speed in terms of the way they shop. Consumers are shopping at extremes of value, looking for propositions that are either tremendously accessible or affordable or those that are deep, memorable and worth paying much more for - they want quality products at an affordable price delivered via a good experience.

The customer journey has become less predictable and with that, it’s become more difficult for you to offer the consistent and excellent customer experience that your shoppers expect. Customer loyalty is not a given anymore, challenging the status quo is key to staying ahead and differentiating in an ever more competitive market.

As generation Z shoppers demand that retailers and brands speak to them directly, the importance of personalised shopping experiences online and in store means the difference between continued shopper advocacy, increased sales or shopper apathy.

Data is the ‘lifeblood of truly great customer experiences’

Retailers will have to use their data better to drive operational efficiencies while still improving the customer experience. Access to a greater pool of customer data has enabled retailers to better target investment across all retail channels, as customers demand a seamless shopping experience.

Technology is transforming retail

Digital marketers have realised that they can impact the entire consumer journey - that in turn makes consumers more likely to buy, repeat and refer over and above the competition. Developments in areas such as conversational commerce, in-store and mobile marketing, AI and data management will mean more relevant and personalised experiences. Technological advancements can be crucial to success but only if the technology puts the customer first and enhances their shopping experience.

Is the physical store central to the retail experience?

The store offering will become a point of differentiation and staff will become more important than ever. If the pure-plays incorporate voice-enabled capabilities into their websites and apps then they are effectively humanising the experience and taking it a step closer to what would be delivered in-store.

Today’s customer landscape requires the retailer they interact with to behave differently in order to win share of wallet in an increasingly competitive environment. Personalisation, and even individualisation, is paramount to a good customer experience and service. But what about the bottom line impact of the business?

Future proof your strategy

Siloed data, legacy systems, lack of buy in from senior management, or within departments and in stores, and the inability to properly mine data to properly connect the dots plague many retail businesses. It’s the strategy, not the tools, that determines retail success. Success comes from having the right strategy. Hence, there is now the need for retail brands to focus on a clearly defined proposition that makes them unique and emotionally connected to their shoppers, using technology, store experiences and brand partnerships to achieve it.

Simply put - its about working out what customers actually want and then finding the right tools to deliver that.

*Recent Oracle research reveals that virtual customer interactions will surge by 2020, transforming the relationship between brands and customers.

Attend The Retail Bulletin’s 9th Retail Customer Engagement Summit 2018 to hear the trailblazers showcase the ways in which leading retailers have utilised their store environments to increase brand awareness, enhance customer journey and experience, resulting in increased sales and customer loyalty.

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Retail Customer Engagement Summit
Retail Customer Engagement Summit
5 June 2018
Cavendish Conference Centre, London W1
The 9th Annual Retail Customer Engagement Summit
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