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A truly omnichannel offering requires an understanding of customer behaviour across all shopping channels and how this should impact your overall business strategy

The Omnichannel Retail Summit 2017 Wednesday 8th February

Hear from

Tui Group
Evans Cycles
TimeInc UK
Amido Ltd
Department for International Trade


The way we shop has changed dramatically in the last five years.

If you only concentrate on one thing in 2017 it should be mobile orientated. The market has changed structurally - digital is a bigger leverage then retailers thought originally. Retailers need to understand how consumers use mobile as part of the shopping journey and what will influence the user to purchase.

As the divide between digital and physical shopping* continues to blur, consumers no longer differentiate between channels, so retailers must focus on delivering seamless customer experiences and yet many companies are failing at this.

Your customer doesn't care that you're omnichannel ready, they have never heard of the term and are unlikely to - they just want to be able to shop easily whenever and wherever they like. The point and main reason behind the emergence of omnichannel is as a response to customers channel-hopping and yet still wanting the same brand and product experience.

Major retailers are undergoing restructuring efforts to consolidate their online and offline divisions into a single retail group, with a focus on company, not channel metrics.

The omnichannel experience needs to ensure it is appealing to the future generation of shoppers such as millennials and beyond. We are now seeing some of the latest emerging technology that could shape the future of retail, but how can you check which emerging technology makes sense?

You will hear from speakers who are at the forefront of technological change, facing traditional barriers and succeeding.

*CBRE has found that 79 percent of international consumers still visit a physical store to buy a product, reflecting the key role the in-store experience plays in the overall shopping journey.



Attend this interactive, retailer-led conference and discover:


This interactive event has been designed to allow a focused peer group of UK retail executives the opportunity to network and discuss omnichannel best practices in a relaxed environment. There will be plenty of time for networking during registration, buffet lunch, refreshment breaks and a drinks reception at the close of the day.

Can you afford to miss this one-day conference with incredible speakers, tips, success stories and vital information to help retailers and brands tackle the strategic and day-to-day challenges of running a successful omnichannel business?


Hear from

Tui Group
Evans Cycles
TimeInc UK
Amido Ltd
Department for International Trade
Michel Koch, Chief Marketing Officer, Time Inc. UK

Michel Koch, Chief Marketing Officer, Time Inc. UK

Michel Koch is a digital and e-commerce pioneer. He started as head of new media at Sony Music in the early 90’s, and has since filled several senior executive positions with international B2C and B2B multichannel companies (including Bertelsmann, Manutan, Quelle, Conrad Electronics, Camaïeu). Michel relocated to the UK to join Marks & Spencer to develop their international online sales, and more recently supported the omnichannel strategy of electronics retailer Maplin Electronics as eCommerce Director. After joining TIME inc. UK to drive new business growth initiatives, he was nominated CMO in 2016 to oversee all customer marketing and promote the convergence of content and commerce as well as prove new business concepts.

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Kyle Webster, Retail Industry Specialist, Google

Kyle Webster, Retail Industry Specialist, Google

Kyle Webster joined Google in 2015 and as an Industry Manager for the retail sector. He is focused on helping clients in the industry stay abreast of changing consumer behaviour and digitise their businesses. Prior to joining Google, he spent a decade working both client and agency side primarily focused on digital strategy. Kyle earned his MBA from University of Cambridge and holds a Masters in Business and Economics from University of Glasgow.

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Kate Coleridge, Mobile Commercial Manager, TUI Europe

Full speaker profile coming soon...

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Fiona Brown, Senior Loyalty and Digital Manager - International Retail, Walgreens Boots Alliance

Fiona Brown, Senior Loyalty and Digital Manager - International Retail, Walgreens Boots Alliance

Full speaker profile coming soon...

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Maria Murphy, Head of Digital Engagement - Product & Brand, Global Information Services EMEA, Whirlpool

Maria Murphy, Head of Digital Engagement - Product & Brand, Global Information Services EMEA, Whirlpool

Full speaker profile coming soon...

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Will Lockie, Former Head of Ecommerce, Evans Cycles (UK) Ltd

Will Lockie, Former Head of Ecommerce, Evans Cycles (UK) Ltd

Full speaker profile coming soon...

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Edward Donald, eCommerce & Marketing/Communications Specialist, Department for International Trade

Edward Donald, eCommerce & Marketing/Communications Specialist, Department for International Trade

Edward Donald is an eCommerce & Marketing/Communications Specialist at Department for International Trade (formerly UK Trade & Investment UKTI), where he has developed the e-Exporting Programme for UKTI to accelerate the number of British companies that export using eCommerce. The programme aims to enable UK brands and retailers to sell to 80% of the world's connected consumers and combines data from multiple sources to help UK businesses identify demand overseas with the best selection of channels to meet it. A key pillar of the programme is the role e-marketplaces can play to increase the speed of internationalisation for British businesses. Edward is the former Head of Brand Content at Sony Group, Europe and has held management level positions at four leading brands and advertising agencies.

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Carol Savage, Former Chief Customer Officer, Conviviality Retail plc

Carol Savage, Former Chief Customer Officer, Conviviality Retail plc

A multichannel director with over 25 years experience, Carol Savage is currently working with 3 start ups (food and drink, personal care and travel), as well as part of the team working with Rich Insights delivering multichannel strategy for retail brands. Carol is former Chief Customer Officer at Conviviality Retail, responsible for Wine Rack and Bargain Booze. Prior to that she held senior marketing and commercial roles at TUI, as Global Marketing Director for Exodus Adventures, Digital Marketing Director for Lighterlife and Marketing Director for Sara Lee. Carol’s area of expertise is in consumer brands (Pizza Hut, Disney, Whitbread, Beefeater, Sara Lee, Exodus Travels, Bargain Booze, Wine Rack and LighterLife), brand strategy, customer experience, e-commerce strategy and integrated multichannel communications with a strong digital focus across retail, travel, leisure and FMCG sectors. Carol is also well versed in the entrepreneurial world having set up 2 of her own online businesses. The first she grew over 7 years and then sold, and the second (MyDish) was pitched to, and won backing from, Deborah Meaden on BBC's Dragons Den.

Simon Evans, Chief Technology Officer, Amido

Simon Evans, Chief Technology Officer, Amido

Simon Evans is the Chief Technology Officer at Amido, a technical consultancy working with retailers to help remove friction from their customers’ online and mobile experiences to drive revenue and engagement. Working with leading brands like ASOS and Virgin Atlantic, Simon has over 15 years’ experience in consumer facing enterprise systems, advising forward-thinking retailers on customer identity and data management, ecommerce ‘best practice’ and gaining a competitive advantage through the smarter application of technology. A cloud-based technologist at heart, Simon is also highly regarded ‘no-nonsense’ business strategist and regularly presents to C-level executives in retail, financial services, manufacturing and automotive on the future of disruptive technology.

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Uwe Hennig, CEO, Detego

Uwe Hennig, CEO, Detego

For more than 20 years, Uwe Hennig has been working in the supply chain and mobility software market. In his professional leadership roles, he’s successfully taken on the distribution and marketing strategies of international companies active in mobility as well logistics, both in international and national companies. Looking at the specific problems customers were facing in their markets, Uwe helped them to increase the efficiency of their processes, improve end-customer satisfaction, cut costs and improve market share. As the CEO of Detego since January 2015, he works to assist international fashion brand manufacturers and retail companies operating around the world to implement their omni-channel strategies. Uwe's professional career path has allowed him to develop an understanding for markets and people in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the US, Taiwan and China.

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Lisa Kelly, Vice President Business Development, Teleperformance UK

Full speaker profile coming soon...

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Chair's welcome and opening comments 


Economic Viewpoint: The Government’s new omnichannel delivery model - designed to help businesses

  • Digital services and advice available to retailers
  • How the Government is becoming omnichannel - learnings to date
  • Commerciality and targeted use of partners i.e. operating model and commercial
  • Reaching into businesses to help internationalise them

Edward Donald, e-Commerce & Marketing / Communications Specialist, Department for International Trade 


Retailer Case Study: Why does the travel industry perform so strongly in mobile?

  • ‘Guide Online’ initiative - using an App to unlock the full potential of your mCommerce to drive sales
  • Content initiative within the App - its use through the customer journey and increasing customer engagement
  • Challenges - legacy systems in place, workforce resistance to change, different CMS for each market and how to overcome this?
  • Understanding how mobile is used in a different way to desktop when consumers are shopping online
  • Strategic customer targeting and acquisition - expanding reach beyond local or regional online to a global mobile audience

Kate Coleridge, Mobile Commercial Manager, TUI Travel

10.35 -11.05

Retailer Case Study: Google's insight into advertising and measurement in a multi-screen retail world 

  • How to harness the fractured consumer journey 
  • Understanding and influencing online to offline journeys
  • Building strategies to enter real-time, intent-driven customer moments

Kyle Webster, Retail Industry Specialist, Google




How IoT and in-store analytics are paving the way for efficient omnichannel retailing

  • The disconnected reality - bricks-and-mortar stores vs online retailing
  • Real-time merchandise visibility across all channels as a base for omnichannel success
  • In-store analytics and KPIs that are bridging the gap between online and offline
  • How the Internet of Things (IoT) improves business processes and enables consumer engagement
  • Self-learning systems and predictive analytics - the next big thing in fashion retail

Uwe Hennig, CEO, Detego


Panel Discussion: Customer engagement - implementing a more thorough omnichannel approach to customer acquisition, conversion and retention

  • Using insight to create a contact strategy using different channels and the customer journey information to execute this
  • Using wifi to map behaviour instore - how to understand the digital journey before the customer gets to the store
  • How to understand multi-touch points journey on and offline - bridging the gap between in-store and digital for the ultimate customer experience
  • Digital touchpoints - tactics to bridge the digital disconnect
  • Learnings and experiences on new name generation and repeat buy behaviour
  • How devices are being used in tandem, at different points in the customer journey
  • Customer experience around last-mile fulfilment – improving conversion
  • Attribution and examining the complex paths to purchase
  • Using your data to paint a picture of your customer journeys' to deliver a consistent and personalised service
  • ‘Single view’ of customers - personalise in-store experiences and make buying journeys seamless across shopping channels
  • How to effectively engage your customers with a personalised customer experience – measuring programmes beyond surface metrics

Carol Savage, Former Chief Customer Officer, Conviviality Retail plc

Michel Koch, Chief Marketing Officer, Time Inc. UK

Fiona Brown, Senior Loyalty & Digital Manager - International Retail, Walgreens Boots Alliance

Lisa Kelly, Vice President Business Development, Teleperformance




Retailer Case Study: Digital marketing - effectively engaging your customers now and in the future

  • What are the most effective digital marketing tools across all channels
  • The use of online to offline marketing?
  • How do you measure the impulse of promotion in an omnichannel world?
  • Developing key marketing tools and communication strategies to join the dots of the customer purchase
  • How do you market mobile apps?
  • What’s next in the use of social media - visibility in search and engagement; how can social media grow sales and how do you measure it?
  • Explore what’s next to engage your customers - the move to more personalised approach


Retailer case study: ASOS - Building an international ecommerce platform to compete on a global scale

Technology is the number one factor driving the pace of change in the retail industry yet no one can predict what channels or devices your customers will be using in five years’ time. If your ambition is to compete on a global scale, retailers need to be ready to handle millions of customer transactions and, at the same time, provide a consistent and future-proof customer experience that sets themselves apart from your competition, across all channels.

  • How ASOS became a world-leading retailer without owning a conventional heavy weight eCommerce platform
  • How to avoid being one of those retailers that 'falls over' during peak periods
  • Managing unpredictable demand and multi-territory trading
  • Differentiation of experience - why go for a ‘me too’ approach to keep you level with your competition?
  • Staying agile by future-proofing buying behaviour and multichannel selling

Simon Evans, CTO, Amido


Panel Discussion: Emerging technology and future shopping styles - how to improve the shopping experience

  • The impact of millennials and the key trends in their shopping behaviour
  • Investigating new ideas and technology that would work for your core customers
  • How today’s consumer moves seamlessly and fully expects you to be there with them
  • Geolocation and the potential of beacons in retail - just another fad or here to stay?
  • Virtual engagement, human interaction - enabling access anywhere store experiences
  • Managing the change - gauge what customers want in their shopping routines and how to stop short of forcing new tech on unsuspecting shoppers
  • How do you effectively transform your existing store estate for the digital age?
  • In-store technology that brings the digital experience seamlessly together
  • Using technology to enable bricks-and-mortar stores to behave in the same informed, flexible manner as online shopping
  • Key challenges when introducing new technology




Retailer Fireside Chat: How digital can drive an omnichannel strategy for a new brand

  • The key digital channels and how they compliment the offline angle - what are the most effective first steps?
  • The challenges involved with a digital first strategy
  • Digitalising your bricks-and-mortar outlet - using customer data and a single view
  • Data around consumer behaviour instore and mapping it to digital behaviour

Retailer to be announced

James Storie-Pugh, Director, Pivot Commerce


Retailer Case Study: How to manage the logistics of distribution in omnichannel retail

  • The cost of delivery when split orders come from multiple suppliers
  • Delivery vs collect from store - cost comparison
  • Review of stock to deliver more tailored and connected interactions
  • Ensuring that your logistics and fulfilment are fit for purpose and reflect your brand values in each new market


Chair's summary and closing remarks



Who Should Attend?

This event is designed for both those brands that want to become omnichannel retailers and also established omnichannel retailers who want to become more profitable and increase their market share. It has been specifically produced for retail professionals who are keen to implement an effective and integrated omnichannel strategy.

Consultants and solutions providers operating in omnichannel retail will also find this event invaluable. 

The event will have a strong strategic focus and is aimed at senior retail decision makers within retail in the following omnichannel related job functions:

Plus Board level retailers:

With excellent networking opportunities throughout the day and a chance to ask our omni-channel experts your burning questions during our interactive sessions and Twitter feed, how can you afford not to attend this crucial event.


The Cavendish Conference Centre is ideally located and there is car parking nearby.

The conference auditorium is extremely comfortable and the tiered classroom style is condusive to a lively atmosphere, creating interesting debate.

22 Duchess Mews
London W1G 9DT
0207 637 5526
0207 631 2055

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Amido Ltd

Amido Ltd

Amido is a technical consultancy specialising in assembling and integrating proven cloud technologies to improve customer data and identity management. We work with brands like ASOS, CBRE and Channel 5 to remove friction from their customers' online and mobile experiences to drive revenue and engagement. From social sign-in to smart content delivery and smooth transactions, we help brands build loyalty through customer recognition by bridging systems in a powerful and unique way, yielding real-time results for brands and their customers.




Detego, headquartered in London/UK, develops and distributes highly innovative software products for the fashion retail industry. The cloud-based Detego retail software differs from other solutions by providing item-level visibility of merchandise in real-time, whatever the channel, as well as offering a complete in-store solution with comprehensive omni-channel applications (including hardware, service components and updates), all for a monthly subscription fee, rather than large upfront investment. Detego's software suite enables fashion retailers a digital transformation without the need to replace their existing technology stack. Bridging the gap between online and offline retailing, Detego allows fashion retailers to support their customers at every touchpoint, along the entire customer journey and to leverage one of their greatest investment, their brick and mortar stores, transforming them into digital hubs. Stocks will be used more intelligently and omni-channel retailing strategies can be implemented in a more cost-efficient way. The software is particularly geared towards fashion retailers because of the need to closely monitor so many ranges, styles, colours and sizes, as well as the inherent costs of over-supply and discounting. Franchisees and consession stores are also built into the software’s omni-channel set-up to ensure a positive brand experience across all channels for customers. Detego‘s customers include international fashion brands, retailers and department stores. Detego is already being used in over 1,500 stores.



The Retail Bulletin Events Ltd, Nicholson House, 41 Thames Street, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8JG.

For retail speaker opportunities please contact

For sponsorship and non retail speaker opportunities please contact or telephone 01932 428376.


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"Informative sessions that will enable me to step outside of my role and look more objectively at our business in relation to the subjects covered"
"Plenty of useful and valuable information - thank you!"
Krispy Kreme
"An interesting insight into how companies are tackling the challenge of developing an omni-channel business"
Evans Cycles
"Very insightful"
"A lot of useful content, great retailer presentations"
River Island
"Speakers and topics deserving of much more than one day out of the office"
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"Thought provoking, helpful and interesting - lots of insights to think about!"
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"Another excellent conference and a very worthwhile investment of my time. Timely and relevant content"
"Insightful, diverse and informative day. Lots of food for thought for our mobile retail roadmap moving forward"
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"The Retail Bulletin International Expansion Summit brings together experts in global retailing for sharing best practice and networking"
"Useful and insightful, good to hear about the challenges and pitfalls other retailers go through"
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"Great day!"
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"If you think HR is boring, come and change your mind"
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"This event far exceeded my expectations on all levels"
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"The best way to learn is through other people's experiences and that is what you get to experience care"
Tiger Stores
"Insightful knowledge and some great ideas!"
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"Putting yourself into your customersÂ’ shoes and agile adaptation of learnings will create the future of your business, excellent inputs received today!"
"High quality speakers, good, varied subjects, Interesting programme, enjoyable and"
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