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Jollyes launches partnership with National Foundation for Retired Service Animals

Nuneaton welcomes new Jollyes Store with a heartfelt mission Nationwide pet retailer Jollyes has opened its first store in Nuneaton, marking the occasion with the launch… View Article


Jollyes launches partnership with National Foundation for Retired Service Animals

Nuneaton welcomes new Jollyes Store with a heartfelt mission

Nationwide pet retailer Jollyes has opened its first store in Nuneaton, marking the occasion with the launch of a significant partnership with the National Foundation for Retired Service Animals (NFRSA).

The grand opening took place at 10:00 am on Friday, 28 June, at Unit 3, Newtown Road Retail Park, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV11 4FL.

The event saw a ribbon-cutting ceremony featuring NFRSA’s founder and chairman, The Countess Bathurst, NFRSA ambassador and England rugby union player Lewis Ludlow, Warwickshire police dogs, and Jollyes CEO Joe Wykes. Joining them were store manager Andy Kineton, his store team, and the beloved Jollyes mascots, Molly and Jolly.

Celebrating with ambassadogs and the Pet Manifesto

Jollyes’ chosen Ambassadogs, Hugo and Diesel, also attended the opening, biting through a string of sausages in a fun-filled ceremony. Hugo, celebrating his fourth birthday, was accompanied by owner Ruta Pranckunaite, while Diesel was with owner Rebecca Alexander.

The mascots, Jolly and Molly, took to the streets of Nuneaton to launch the ‘Pet Manifesto’, a unique initiative that explores what pets would ask for if they could vote. The manifesto compiles top suggestions from Jollyes colleagues and customers, aiming to enhance the lives of pets and their owners.

Weekend festivities and store features

The celebration continued over the weekend with entertainment, pet-themed games, and the iconic ‘Wheel of Fur-tune’, where customers could win prizes. Animal-themed stilt walkers added to the festive atmosphere.

The new Jollyes store offers pet parents in Nuneaton access to a variety of services, including a raw food frozen ‘shop-in-shop’ and a community pet clinic. Store manager Andy Kineton expressed his gratitude, saying:

“It was a great day and I’d like to thank the whole team for getting the store ready to open as well as new charity partners NFRSA. We’re really looking forward to working with them and also showing the pet parents of Nuneaton what we offer.”

Commitment to sustainability and community

Jollyes is committed to sustainability, incorporating energy-efficient LED lighting in their stores to reduce energy consumption by 30% by 2030 compared to 2015. All principal contractors are ISO14001 accredited, ensuring responsible waste management and environmental impact control. Wherever possible, existing materials and equipment are retained or reused.

The Jollyes Manifesto

The Jollyes Pet Manifesto addresses several key issues:

  1. Support for Retired Service Animals: Partnering with NFRSA to provide financial support for medical and vet bills for retired service animals.
  2. Compulsory microchipping: Advocating for mandatory microchipping of cats across all UK nations.
  3. Zero VAT on pet food: Proposing zero VAT on kitten and puppy food to reduce costs for new pet owners.
  4. Pet-Friendly rentals: Supporting policies to end ‘no pet’ clauses in rental agreements.
  5. Reporting road accidents involving pets: Extending legal requirements to include cats in the Road Traffic Act.
  6. Transparency in vet pricing: Calling for greater transparency in vet practice pricing.
  7. Silent fireworks: Ensuring all fireworks sold are silent to reduce trauma for pets and vulnerable individuals.
  8. Fair PSPOs for Dog Owners: Supporting fair Public Spaces Protection Orders to allow dog owners to exercise their pets freely.
  9. Home insurance for pet owners: Advocating for fairer home insurance policies that cover accidental damage caused by pets.
  10. Dogs in polling stations: Allowing all dogs into polling stations on election days.

Since its modest beginnings in Enfield in 1971, Jollyes has grown into one of the UK’s leading pet food superstores, with over 100 locations. Jollyes encourages customers to bring their pets into the store and offers comprehensive advice and services, including community clinics and online expert consultations. For more information, visit Jollyes.

The National Foundation for Retired Service Animals is dedicated to supporting retired service animals by covering medical and vet bills, ensuring they can live out their golden years with their handlers and families. The foundation is committed to ‘Protecting Our Protectors’. For more information, visit NFRSA.

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