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[ EVENT ] Retail Women in Leadership 2022

This event is an away day for women in Retail HR leadership to come and reset, refocus and be ‘nurtured’ for a day… with three inspirational… View Article


[ EVENT ] Retail Women in Leadership 2022

This event is an away day for women in Retail HR leadership to come and reset, refocus and be ‘nurtured’ for a day… with three inspirational speakers and moderated by MOK O’Keeffe.

The last two years have demanded more from our HR Leaders than most could have been physically and mentally prepared for.

From the outset of what was arguably the biggest crisis of our lives, our retail HR Teams immediately stepped up to the plate to spearhead critical WFH strategy, nurture and motivate scattered and confused teams, navigate legal requirements that changed at breakneck speed, manage the myriad of concerns for frontline workers and those unable to work remotely, stay on top of the additional pressures of their own ( precious/valued) home/family life, child care, schooling etc.

Most organisations rely heavily on HR teams to carry on and meet business goals that were unthinkable prior to 2020. Burnout, fatigue, mental health, exhaustion, and much more was sidestepped and ignored as they kept calm and carried on.

The team here at TRB have had a front row seat as these talented individuals have found new ways to reset work/life processes and stay ahead of all the challenges. We have been witness to exemplary demonstrations of HR leadership in our panel discussions on and off broadcast. Some discussions have been so stirring we have been left speechless. Our HR leaders have taken charge, innovated, inspired, and generally impressed us no end. BUT…If we truly want a strong recovery post-pandemic, then we must nurture and re-energise our women and allies in HR leadership roles. It’s better for our workforce, our economy, our businesses and most importantly ourselves.

If you are one of our Retail HR Leaders – this is a day for YOU! To re-energise, rethink, reset and  feed off our remarkable contributors.

14 July 2022. London – Moderated by MOK O’Keeffe. Click here to view the full programme.

Register here.

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