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Q&A: Augustin Mallon, Lightspeed

We catch up with new recruit Augustin Mallon, Account Executive for Mid-Market and Enteprise to uncover his journey and explore Lightspeed’s unique approach. We talk about… View Article


Q&A: Augustin Mallon, Lightspeed

We catch up with new recruit Augustin Mallon, Account Executive for Mid-Market and Enteprise to uncover his journey and explore Lightspeed’s unique approach.

We talk about the fusion of tech and community-building, insights into industry trends, and the path towards modernisation.

Can you tell us a bit about you. Where are you from?

I come from a diverse background; my mother is French, and my father is English. I spent my early years in London until I turned eighteen. After that, I had the opportunity to travel extensively, living in various places such as Montreal, Shanghai, Portugal, Italy, and Dublin. Now, I have come back to my roots in the UK and have been here for the past six months. I am really enjoying the lifestyle and exploring things from a different perspective.

That sounds like quite the journey! Could you tell us a bit about what Lightspeed does?

Lightspeed is a comprehensive cloud-based commerce platform that offers businesses all the tools they need to interact with consumers, manage their operations, handle payments, and grow their enterprises. We help global customers thrive in an omnichannel market environment by providing them with an intuitive platform that connects them to consumers through online, mobile, social, and physical channels.

You recently joined Lightspeed – How has your experience been so far, and what role do you play?

I must say the onboarding experience has been exceptional. The team is fantastic – intelligent and highly engaged. I have worked in various industries throughout my career, starting in hospitality and later moving into tech, including working for a bike sharing company in China and delving into IoT cloud technology. I have also had stints at Microsoft and other tech companies. Now, with Lightspeed, I focus on helping mid-market and enterprise accounts grow. It is an exciting role, and I am looking forward to contributing to Lightspeed’s growth in this sector.

Could you elaborate a bit more on what sets Lightspeed apart?

Lightspeed stands out for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we offer a truly unique tech that allows business to adapt and thrive in all circumstances and on all channels. It simplifies complex operations and addresses pain points in traditional setups, making it an invaluable tool for retailers!

Secondly, the people at Lightspeed are remarkable. They are not only welcoming but also highly motivated and aligned with the company’s missions. Speaking of missions, I am particularly drawn to the Lightspeed mission of building communities through commerce. We are not just a technology provider; we aim to connect retailers and industries, fostering a sense of community.

What trends /challenges do you see in the market currently?

Within retail, urbanisation has been an ongoing trend, but the pandemic added unique dimensions to it. The economic repercussions of lockdowns and reduced business activity in urban centers affected businesses heavily reliant on foot traffic, tourism, and local interactions. Many businesses faced challenges navigating not only restrictions, but changes in consumer behavior. The rise of remote work and online shopping triggered a transformation in retail dynamics, necessitating businesses to adapt their strategies to embrace digital commerce and connect with customers online.

Additionally, there’s increased pressure on businesses to be financially cautious with staffing and the cost of living crisis, which affects their willingness to invest in new technology. Fortunately, Lightspeed offers solutions that address these challenges whilst also providing a clear return on investment. We’re all about simplifying business operations, helping businesses modernise and adapt. Businesses on Lightspeed become leaner, greener and see growth opportunities at the end of the tunnel.

Could you tell us more about Lightspeed’s approach to helping businesses modernise?

Lightspeed’s approach is highly efficient. We have managed to deploy our solutions in as little as two weeks, even for enterprise customers who initially estimated it would take much longer. We are investing heavily in the mid-market and enterprise sectors to simplify complex operations and enhance in-store experiences. With Lightspeed, businesses can quickly adopt modern technology and reap the benefits without the long implementation times typically associated with such transitions.

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