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Digital Signage Leading the Future in Retail:Trust Systems

The pandemic has resulted in businesses such as restaurants, non-essential shops, and venues having to close. As we head towards the reopening of these businesses, it… View Article


Digital Signage Leading the Future in Retail:Trust Systems

The pandemic has resulted in businesses such as restaurants, non-essential shops, and venues having to close. As we head towards the reopening of these businesses, it is important that they have the right solutions to adapt to the new environment, new guidelines and changing customer behaviours. Safety of employees and customers is at the forefront of everything with subsequent needs of streamlining the customers online and store experience along with evaluating the role of the store. One solution that Trust Systems has rolled-out to essential retail and which has delivered benefits in all these areas is digital signage.

The implementation of a managed digital signage solution has seen the expected ROI in enhancing a businesses brand, communication of promotions and digitalising the customer experience, but it has also provided the benefits to manage the need to guide customers to ensure safety at all times. This has included messaging being sent based on country guidelines within an hour to stores in a particular area.

Through this last year, Trust Systems have shown how a managed digital signage solution is a great enabler to a smooth and effective reopening of stores plus a key cog in delivering digital transformation.

Visual Promotions and Messages

Providing visual and eye-catching content which will resonate with your audience can be easily achieved with digital signage. Using your digital signage screens to display your social distancing messages and guidelines through the use of visual images will help you get the message across more easily and effectively. It is proven that our brains can identify images seen for only a split second. Meaning that displaying text-heavy messages on your screens won’t be as effective as a simple image of a person in a mask.

Promoting offers and new items through eye-catching imagery can increase basket size. With an integrated customer WiFi solution, you will also have the ability to gather data and useful insights about your customers. Anything from how often they shop with you, what aisle they head to first, their most loved products as well as what they have been looking at but not purchased. Using this intel, you can adapt your messaging to promote certain products. For example, this can be extremely useful when it comes to seasonal products and also gives you the ability to promote high margin or surplus stock enabling you to bring balance to a store and reduce waste.

Respond in Real-Time

Having the ability to respond to the ever-changing guidelines is possible with a managed service, this can benefit your business as a whole store estate can have new messaging up and running live in real-time and can be adjusted geographically. This can also be adapted to capitalise on different weather conditions across a store estate, promoting products relating to the prevailing weather conditions such as an umbrella during the rainy months whereas promoting suncream and hay fever tablets in the warmer British months.

Updating the content on your digital screens in response to different times in the day can create an increase in customer engagement. For example, the week before the May bank holiday, most Brits are planning on getting the most from the summer sun and in the hours between 11 and 2 in the afternoon, most people are out during their lunch hour. Within these times you could push new images to your in-store digital screens promoting sunglasses and swimwear in a clothing retail store or BBQ equipment and burgers and hot dogs in supermarkets.


Since the pandemic, the health and safety of your customers should be at the forefront of your minds. Ensuring your customers feel confident that your stores are doing everything they can do to manage the new guidelines as well as maintaining a high standard of hygiene for a pleasant shopping experience is important to keep customers spending with you. Digital screens will enable your stores to encourage safe spacing and hygiene, effectively and consistently. Stores will be able to post the latest and most beneficial health information for customers when they need it while also continuing to communicate offers and promotional product details even on the same digital screen.

Want to understand why an effective digital signage solution is more than a screen – Read our blog.

Tor more information from the Trust team, please email [email protected] or visit our website

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