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The 2021 Programme

10:00 Webinar login and housekeeping
Moderator's introduction and opening comments

10:05 - 11:00
Webinar No 1: Business continuity for retailers - loyalty and engagement online
How can retail brands ensure business continuity by seizing the opportunity of customer loyalty and engagement online? Retailers who can optimise their online presence benefit from an improved customer experience and drive additional revenue. During this webinar, our speakers will discuss the following:

Having a 360-degree view of the customer journey from online searches, to store visits and stores' experience feedback
Reviewing the ways to ensure the overall brand, and individual locations can rank higher in local search and be found easier online
Tapping into unstructured data customers are leaving online in conjunction with survey results to improve in-store experience
Using AI and machine learning to discover operational insights and increase revenue

11:30 - 12:15
Webinar No 2: Personalising the retail experience - today's buyers want relevant engagement
Companies that are organising the CX around journeys are delighting their customers, increasing loyalty and improving profitability. This webinar will help retailers deliver a more personal tailored message, to the right group of people, at the most impactful time. Create super-audiences via personalisation - communicate more effectively with your customers
Personalise the shopping experience - understand what motivates and compels consumers to embrace your brand
Build a connected cross-channel experience - seamlessly engage through the full buying journey
Recognise the impact of each channel - deliver personalisation uniquely based on consumers' paths
Enable self-personalisation - allow consumers to shape their own experiences
Maximise the role and impact of mobile technologies - leverage best practices while customizing mobile for your own brand


13:00 - 12:45
Webinar No 3: The value of customer insight - understanding the customer-centric retail universe
The COVID-19 crisis led to some dramatic shifts in consumer behaviour.
How have retailers met the ever-evolving CX requirements and what have we learnt
This webinar will reveal how those winners generate insights from new customers and construct targeted retention plans.

How can insight successfully drive improvements in CX?
How the changing behaviour of our customers is forcing organisations to transform their engagement strategies
Making the brand experience meaningful and the exchange valuable
Using strategic partnerships to engage customers
How can retail improve their digital CX in terms of customer care?
Informing customers in a compelling and insightful way
Predicting customers' behaviour - maximise your marketing opportunities


13:30 - 14:30
Webinar No 4: Spotlight on how to use customer data to drive engagement
Before the pandemic, digital leaders were using data to optimise CX. With the rise of digital in recent months, companies will have more dynamic data at their fingertips; this session will discuss how you can use this data to extract immediate insights.
Using data to put the customer at the centre of everything you do
How should brands best use data across all channels?
Discovering the power of data-driven email campaigns
Make the most out of your rich customer data
The key differences between data sources, and which will work best for you
What data is available at each stage of the customer journey?

Venue & Contact

Online Meeting

April 21 2021


For retail speaker opportunities:

Claire Knott
T: 01276 489626

For sponsorship and non retailer speaker opportunities:

Karen Howard
T: 01276 489626 M:07725414385

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