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The 2019 Programme

For all retailer speaker enquiries please contact Claire Knott -




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Chair's welcome and opening comments

Paul Deeprose, Managing Director, The Career Gym

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Retailer Keynote Address: The Board perspective - HR as a strategic business partner

This session will look at changing HR from a transactional function that provided administrative services to the business, into a value-add solution that is focused on people.

  • What is HR’s role in enhancing business performance?
  • Increasing your impact by presenting HR as a commercial and value-adding function
  • Building credibility and influencing skills to make a difference in your organisation
  • Proving understanding of the business and demonstrating impact on the bottom line
  • Putting HR at the heart of cultural transformation
  • Create buy-in with management and leadership


Retailer Case Study: Engaging employees to drive innovation and improvements

The session will explore the important link between consumer engagement and employee engagement and how having a more diverse, talented group of people needs to reflect your customer base.

  • Connecting candidate, employee and customer experience through a strong culture
  • Maintaining engagement in tough circumstances
  • Empowering your staff to give their best
  • Are you maximising the value of your employees?
  • What are the main drivers for developing your employee experience strategy?
  • The processes of the employee journey - from candidate selection to farewell; is your workforce succeeding?




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Retailer Case Study: Practical steps to embarking on a wellbeing journey

The session will provide a framework for your organisation to create a wellbeing and mental health engagement strategy.

  • Initiatives when promoting wellbeing of employees
  • The relationship between wellbeing and organisational culture
  • Getting commitment from board level for wellbeing to become part of the fabric of a business
  • Designing a work environment - culturally, technologically and physically supports an employee’s wellbeing
  • Changing the mindset around mental health

Elizabeth Cowper, VP HR Tapestry Europe, Coach International

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Expert Opinion: Employment law clinic - a round-up of the current ‘hot’ topics

  • UK gender pay legislation - gender inequality in the retail sector
  • Changing the culture and  mindset of companies to support women after a career break
  • What does GDPR really mean for HR teams?


Retailer Mega Panel Discussion: Making optimal use of technology to support and digitally enable your business - going through digital transformation

HR must improve its digital understanding to take control of technology and shape the kind of future it wants to see. The technology retail uses keeps employees engaged and communicating - creating an open and connected world to facilitate communication, decision making and information sharing.

  • Impact of technology - changing capacity to shape employees’ perception
  • The biggest barriers to digitalising HR functions
  • Perfecting agile organisations in the digital era of HR - the challenges of work
  • What HR digital transformation processes should be on your agenda?
  • HR service delivery, cloud solutions, tools and software
  • How do HR bots redefine the employee experience?
  • What are the risks and challenges associated with automation?
  • Using technology to drive gig-style working




Retailer Mega Panel Discussion: Future retail HR trends - the changing face of HR

  • How do we attract as a sector now and in the future?
  • Digital disruption - the future impact on HR strategy
  • HR organisation strategy to change in terms of skills of the future
  • How can you transform your HR function to be future ready?
  • Exploring the digital workforce of tomorrow
  • Recruiting a workforce for the future - lifelong learning
  • What will happen to retail’s growing unemployed?
  • Artificial intelligence - the driving force for human change?
  • Tackling the millennial engagement challenge


Retailer Case Study: How to gain a competitive advantage by attracting and retaining the right people in a new future of work

The war for talent is all about getting business analytics and insight in every role - bringing certain skill sets to the forefront. If retail can’t quickly attract talent, what are we doing internally to bridge the gap?

  • Brexit and the lack of clarity on freedom of movement and retaining staff
  • Attracting market share and talent
  • Championing a pipeline of female talent
  • How do you balance the need for the right talents with diversity?
  • What types of skills will be required in the future to attract and retain the best people?
  • Training, development and career progression opportunities to enable employees to excel in roles
  • Innovative strategies to recruit the future - how will next generation technologies shape the candidate experience?


Retailer Case Study: Reinvigorating your brand through your people - building a true performance culture

This session will look at building a culture and processes where diverse and inclusive teams drive innovation and growth.

  • Enabling cultural change due to change of shift in dynamics in retail
  • How to harness the power of your workforce - cultivating agents of change, creativity and agility
  • Building high performance cultures - aligning employee behaviours with desired business outcomes
  • Working to create a culture where colleagues can thrive




Expert Opinion: Creating the workforce of the future - apprenticeship strategies

  • Choosing an apprenticeship provider
  • The new types available - trailblazer, degree
  • Devising apprenticeship strategies which are fully integrated into the business
  • Does the levy lack focus and so will not fill the widening skills gap?
  • Getting ROI from apprenticeship levys


Retailer Case Study: Retail reward and performance management

  • Current challenges HR face?
  • Should HR still be doing performance management and if so, in what format?
  • People make digital work - rewarding the workforce for the future


Chair's summary and closing remarks



Venue & Contact

Hallam Conference Centre, London W1W 6JJ

0207 637 5526 or 0207 631 2055

For retail speaker opportunities:

Claire Knott

For sponsorship and non retailer speaker opportunities:

Karen Howard
T: 01276 489626 M:07725414385

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