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Last Years' Programme

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Chair's welcome and opening comments
Paul Deeprose, Managing Director, The Career Gym

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Retail Insight: What does this mean for the people agenda in retail?
This session from the BRC will look at the world of retail from a 'macro' perspective, setting the scene for HR related impacts.

  • Scene setting challenges currently facing retail
  • People challenges facing retail
  • So what does this mean for HR professionals?
  • Useful actions to take back to the workplace

Helen Dickinson, CEO, British Retail Consortium (BRC)
Melanie Steel, Non-Executive Director, British Retail Consortium (BRC)

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Retail Perspectives on Engagement: 

1. Engaging employees in tough times - to deliver great service and increased productivity
Whitbread are moving away from their traditional annual survey and moving into a programme of listening, driven by life cycle surveys for exit and new joiners. This session will look at the use of life cycle surveys, focus groups and how ensuring employees use their knowledge and experience will unlock the barriers to delivering great service plus increased productivity.

  • Prioritising the roles to listen to the most
  • The importance of employees to guest experience
  • Why commercially it really make a difference
  • What is their purpose?
  • What matters most to the hourly paid role?
  • Delivering against them and taking action

Jo Tyler, Employee Engagement Manager, Whitbread


2. Merging two company cultures to create engagement of a new culture
Unibail Rodamco and Westfield merged in June 2018 to create Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, the premier global developer and operator of flagship shopping destinations.

  • How do you decide the right 'values' when merging companies together
  • Engaging employees hearts and minds
  • Creating a engaging 'culture' through a strong 'engagement' framework

Una O'Reilly, Group Director of Engagement & Employer Branding, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield

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Retail Interview: Leading an organisation through change with 'neuroscience and the numbers' - how scientific study, data and technology can drive better workforce decisions
“The only constant is change” and nowhere is this more evident than in modern retailing but the world of work is changing at a pace never seen before. The pace of data and technology change is huge - which means huge implications for the future workplace. This speed of change creates opportunity but also challenges and risks, for organisations and employees. With new technology, ways of working, team members, leaders, product and even geopolitical changes (don't mention the B word!)… managing change effectively is the new norm and is growing in priority for successful people leaders.  

Thomas Merrigan, Learning & Development Manager, Browns and Matthew Brooks, Head of HR Solutions, Experian discuss how some current findings in neuroscience, along with cleverly informed data insight, can enable leaders to shape the future workplace and effectively support their teams through change.

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Expert Opinion: Harassment in the workplace and senior HR management responsibilities
The workplace is changing, latest statistics report a 70% increase in sex discrimination claims - hence, with the onset of Brexit and the #metoo movement, employers are facing an unprecedented level of change.

  • The future of #MeToo and protecting your organisation
  • The increase of harassment and bullying, both generally and globally
  • The Equality Act 2010 - understanding the legal impact of harassment
  • Is the customer always right? What is your duty to protect?
  • Leading from the top - what steps should senior HR management take to ensure workplace culture is not leaving business open to claims?

Kirsty Rogers, Partner & Head of Client Development, DWF

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Retail Perspectives on Wellbeing: Practical steps to embarking on a wellbeing journey 
The session will provide a framework for your organisation to create a wellbeing and mental health engagement strategy, you will hear first from Three and then from Coach on their different approaches to this topic.

  • How to define your strategy - where to begin
  • Getting commitment from board level for wellbeing to become part of the fabric of a business
  • Designing a work environment - culturally, technologically and physically supports an employee's wellbeing
  • Changing the mindset around mental health - education, awareness and support
  • Initiatives when promoting wellbeing of employees

Alan Millbrow, Senior Consultant for Wellbeing & Recognition, Three
Elizabeth Cowper, VP HR Tapesty Europe, Coach International

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Retail Fireside Chat: Deskless not voiceless - redefining the knowledge worker in retail
Connecting the whole organisation and giving everyone a voice is an essential part of a happy, successful business - unfortunately, this is far from reality. 84% of business leaders say that they stay connected with their frontline workers, but only 14% of those employees feel connected to HQ, and only 3% feel connected to their C-Suite. It's time for a change.This session will be a conversation with Alia Lamaadar, Enterprise Growth - EMEA, Workplace by Facebook and Heather Ray, HR Business Partner, Superdry, where they will discuss the importance of creating connected communities at work, tips on how to navigate and communicate with frontline workers, and the reason why companies should obsess about their culture.

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12.40-13.30 LUNCH & NETWORKING

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Retail Quick Fire Challenge: Future retail trends - the changing face of HR

  • How do we attract talent as a sector now and in the future?
  • Digital disruption and the speed of change required - the future impact on HR strategy
  • HR organisation strategy to change in terms of skills of the future
  • How can you transform your HR function to be future ready?
  • Exploring the digital workforce of tomorrow
  • Recruiting a workforce for the future - lifelong learning
  • What will happen to retail's growing unemployed - the future availablity of labour in the retail sector?
  • Artificial intelligence - the driving force for human change?
  • Tackling the millennial engagement challenge - the future of employees in retail
  • Creating teams for the future
  • Innovation in HR - new strategies and practice

Keynote Address: Perry Timms, Author, Transformational HR
Liz Jewitt-Cross, Interim Chief HR Officer, McArthur Glen
Emily Lofting Kisakye, HR Director - Europe & International, Urban Outfitters
Vickie Gooch, HR Director - Food, Sainsbury's
Sarah Eglin, Head of People Partnering - Retail Support & Logistics, Co-op

Richard Doherty, Senior Director Product Marketing EMEA, Workday

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Retail Case Study: Hilton's global apprentice journey - developing your own programme

  • The reasons behind why this came about
  • Why should retail get involved in the apprentice space?
  • New apprentice standards (trailblazers)
  • Employers taking ownership - feedback process
  • Scaling and modelling perspective
  • Working with local governments

Kathryn Porter, Director of Youth Strategy EMEA, Hilton

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Retail Case Study: Showing the value of values and culture
The creation and delivery of 'The Big Conversation' is a case study in stakeholder management, collaboration, employee engagement, prototyping and experimentation.  It has delivered a clear line of sight between positive organisational culture and increased customer satisfaction. Our speakers will share the journey McDonald's has been on to become the UK and Ireland's best loved restaurant company and the role that culture and employee engagement has played in realising that ambition.Nikki Remmer, Head of Reputation & Culture, McDonald's UK
Mok O'Keefe, Author, The Innovation Ecosystem

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Retail Case Study: Reinvigorating your brand through your people - building a true performance culture
This session will look at building a coaching culture where a diverse workforce can drive innovation and growth.

  • Enabling 'transformational change' through coaching and talent programmes
  • How to harness the power of your workforce - cultivating agents of change, creativity and agility
  • Paying attention to the human side of change
  • Working to create a culture where colleagues can develop and feel empowered

Sue Yell, HR Director, Warburtons

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Retail Case Study: All Saints - engagement at the speed of retail

  • The shift from traditional processes toward real-time feedback
  • Empowering managers to have more impactful and regular conversations
  • Driving quality conversations with your people
  • Identifying focused actions for improvement
  • Creating a tangible vision for change

Dylan Chambers, Enterprise Account Executive, Glint Inc.

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Retail Strategy Perspectives:
This session will look at changing HR from a transactional function that provided administrative services to the business, into a value-add solution that is focused on people.1. HR as a strategic business partner 

  • Increasing your impact by presenting HR as a commercial and value adding function
  • Building credibility and influencing skills to make a difference in your organisation
  • Putting HR at the heart of business transformation - culture, values, leadership
  • Create buy in with management and leadership to be credible at the top table

Jane Howkins, Training & Recruitment Manager, Moto


2. Delivering journeys that matter - HR's role in organisational transformation

  • Challenges for our business and industry
  • How we thought about our problem
  • What we got right; what we got wrong
  • Our next steps

Mathew Davies, HR Director, Addison Lee

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17.05-17.15 Chair's summary and closing remarks

Venue & Contact

Online Meeting

1st October 2020


For retail speaker opportunities:

Claire Knott
T: 01276 489626

For sponsorship and non retailer speaker opportunities:

Karen Howard
T: 01276 489626 M:07725414385

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