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Wincor World 2010: Cash Cycle Management Solutions in Focus

The topic of cash cycle management will be the focus of Wincor World 2010, which will take place in Paderborn from January 26 to 28


Wincor World 2010: Cash Cycle Management Solutions in Focus

The topic of cash cycle management will be the focus of Wincor World 2010, which will take place in Paderborn from January 26 to 28

At this event, Wincor Nixdorf invites IT decision-makers from all over the world to join in the discussion on IT solutions that enable the optimization of branch and store processes at retail banks and retail companies. The company and many of its partners will present solutions for hardware, software, service and professional services across an area of some 7,000 square meters. As in years past, a prominent feature of the event is the targeted transfer of know-how through a program of presentations.

The circulation of cash – which continues to be the leading payment medium – is the source of extensive manual work and high processing costs in addition to posing security risks.  For this reason, Wincor Nixdorf is placing solutions for cash management at the heart of this year's Wincor World. With its innovative, significantly expanded Cash Cycle Management Solutions portfolio, Wincor Nixdorf is presenting itself as an end-to-end supplier for the design of intelligent cash processes. A number of solution scenarios demonstrate how the redesign and automation of cash processes through innovative technologies can significantly increase efficiency, transparency and security. As a result, savings of more than twenty percent in the costs of cash processing can be achieved. Wincor Nixdorf’s approach rests on streamlining cash management in retail stores and banks, but beyond that it intelligently connects cash processes across sectors. The company will therefore present not just concrete solutions for cash processes in bank branches and stores, but also concepts for cross-sector cash cycle management.

Another focus of Wincor World will be software that supports the multichannel orientation of today's retail banks and provides an ongoing stream of new services for customers and financial institutions. With the net-centric ProClassic/Enterprise Retail Banking Solution Suite (PC/E Suite), Wincor Nixdorf will demonstrate how the existing infrastructure of the Internet sales channel can be optimally implemented on Internet-capable mobile terminal devices, thus serving as an additional channel for end customers. The integrated technology approach means that existing business services can also be enabled for mobile use through the Suite’s software products PC/E Direct Marketing, PC/E Monitoring, PC/E Cash Management and PC/E Payment Services. Then, for example, real-time mobile monitoring of error and status reports from the self-service network will be possible on any mobile terminal device. But the platform's multichannel approach means that these functionalities can also be offered for the other sales and service channels, such as self-service, the branch, and call centers.

Security is and will remain an important strategic topic for both financial institutions and retail businesses, in no small part because it is a key factor for business success in these two sectors. The extensive offer of ProTect security solutions covers single systems, entire stores or branches, and even cross-sector processes, and offers answers to a wide variety of attack strategies. From data and software security to cash security, identity and access control, and security monitoring, at Wincor World the visitor will find a wide variety of solutions that address all necessary aspects of a holistic security concept.

Banks and retail companies seeking to reopen, redesign, or optimize their branches or stores will also find solutions at Wincor World that help them achieve greater customer-orientation in their branches and stores. With the WIN@Branch portfolio for banks and the WIN@Store solutions for retailers, Wincor Nixdorf helps businesses ensure productive, efficient processes. The concept begins with consulting and an analysis of branch or store processes and the IT environment, and extends all the way to the operation of complete branch or store networks.

Innovative checkout scenarios for a variety of retail segments are a focus of the portfolio of retail solutions: from mobile shopping to self-checkout and traditional staffed checkouts, visitors will discover how to improve customer service, optimize processes and reduce costs. In the case of traditional checkouts, Wincor Nixdorf demonstrates how the use of innovative technologies can reduce your total cost of ownership over the long term.

As a fully-integrated software package at the store and enterprise levels, the TP Application Suite controls all store-specific processes. At Wincor World, the focus is on customer benefit. And the spectrum of benefits from the implementation of TP Application Suite ranges from control of the store landscape to new possibilities for enhancing customer loyalty to improvements in both customer service and work processes in the store.

Wincor Nixdorf has expanded its services portfolio, and at Wincor World the entire offer of future-oriented services for banks and retail companies will be on display. One important topic is the global services delivery processes. Services from a call center, for example, are bundled at a central location and made available to customers all over Europe, enabling quick and expert support for banks and retail companies and rapid recovery times.

In order to simplify the selection and combination of individual product-related services, support pack offers have been developed. These offers bundle standardized services for a fixed price. The integrated concept approach envisions that every newly sold piece of hardware will be accompanied by an offer for manufacturer service, either as a support pack or as an individual service agreement.

Solution packages are part of the Managed Services portfolio.  They extend from the operation of self-service systems to cash cycle management and all the way to the operation of the complete information and communications structure in a branch or store. The solution packages are modular and can be put together individually for each customer. Using the new connectivity box and a simple plug & play connection, Wincor Nixdorf can remotely monitor customer systems around the clock. Sources of error and faults are noticed immediately and can be rectified right away.

Outsourcing and consulting are also showcased at Wincor World. Here, Wincor Nixdorf is presenting management concepts and individually-tailored operating models that ensure higher quality and more innovative solutions for customers at optimized cost.

More information is available here

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