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The White Company, Charles Tyrwhitt and more see commercial gain thanks to genuine customer reviews

Genuine customer reviews are helping retailers of all sizes to increase traffic, sales and customer insights.


The White Company, Charles Tyrwhitt and more see commercial gain thanks to genuine customer reviews

Genuine customer reviews are helping retailers of all sizes to increase traffic, sales and customer insights.

Retailers all over the world are reaping the rewards of genuine customer reviews. Invite-only platforms, that only allow customers who have made an actual purchase to review a product or service, are leading the charge in the real reviews revolution. Feefo, the UK’s leading provider of ratings and reviews, reveals the incredible benefits of collecting authentic feedback.

Genuine customer insights

Genuine customer insights are helping retailers to achieve a better understanding of their customers’ likes and dislikes across all aspects of their product and service offering. Both The White Company and Charles Tyrwhitt have made improvements to their product and service as a result of the genuine customer feedback they’ve received.

Nick Wheeler, Founder of Charles Tyrwhitt: "Feefo has become integral to the Charles Tyrwhitt journey and enables us to see what our customer sees and not just what our managers see!"

Chris Rucker, Founder of The White Company: "Any online business that cares about their customer service and reputation should be a member of Feefo. It has made a profound impact to our operational focus, our service delivery experience and the way in which we measure our own performance internally. We use Feefo every single day, it gives us an immediate and direct insight into how our products are performing and how our customers feel about customer service. It enables us to further understand and focus on the issues that truly matter to our customers. Feefo provides us with an excellent service. We love it!"

Reach for the stars

Review companies like Feefo, that are a Licensed Content Partner with Google, are able to feed their reviews directly to the search engine. Using an approved aggregator of reviews can result in multiple benefits to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. Many retailers have seen huge gains in terms of traffic and sales, thanks to displaying organic stars and seller ratings in Google.

Seller Ratings are an AdWords ad extension used by companies looking to display their product ratings in Google Shopping. Lawnmowers Direct, a leading retailer of lawnmowers online, began to show Seller Ratings after collecting Feefo powered reviews. This allowed them to display their reviews as a star rating within their PPC ads. As a result, they saw a 600% increase in sales of a particular make of lawnmower, the Bosch Multimulch 40-43.

GoPak, a leading retailer of tables to the educational sector, experienced a 28.72% increase in Click Through Rate (CTR) as a result of implementing Seller Ratings. This drove better qualified traffic, resulting in an increase on conversions of 6.77% year-on-year, and a reduced bounce rate of 8.09%. The increase in CTR and reduced bounce rate meant that GoPak also experienced an improved AdWords Quality Score. Doing so actually reduced their ad spend: Cost Per Clicks (CPCs) reduced 12% year-on-year, making their PPC ads much more cost-effective.

Similar to Seller Ratings, displaying stars organically within Google is only achievable using an approved aggregator of reviews. Additionally, a website must be marked up with Rich Snippets to implement the organic star rating. GoPak did exactly that. The implementation of reviews in rich snippets contributed to a 245% year-on-year increase in organic traffic.

Displaying reviews on your own site

Displaying product or service ratings on money making pages helps to increase trust and drive additional conversions and sales. For example, Lawnmowers Direct saw a year-on-year increase of 12.5% in orders, and a 21.71% increase in revenue in just four months after displaying Feefo reviews on their website. Reviews of products are proving to help drive sales too.

Leading airline, Monarch, displayed their service rating nearer the basket summary, creating a higher sense of trust which led to a 3.01% uplift in revenue per visitor as well as 2.94% increase in total flight bookings.

The results speak for themselves

Whether anecdotally or statistically, genuine customer reviews are having a huge impact on retailers’ bottom lines. With the latest Gartner Survey revealing that 89% of companies are competing solely on customer experience, retailers should be listening to the voice of the real customer, and harnessing the significant benefits that come their way. 



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