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The cloud-based software helping retailers get control of their supply chains

Retailers often have highly complicated, multi-tiered supply chains from which they source the numerous components required to make their products. Primary vendors will frequently have been carefully chosen and, in many cases, even preferred secondary and tertiary suppliers will have been selected to provide specific components.


The cloud-based software helping retailers get control of their supply chains

Higher up the supply chain, retailers and brand owners are likely to have close working relationships with the businesses they source from but further down, that’s unlikely to be the case. Instead companies often rely on a combination of place-in-time audits, codes of conduct, contractual terms and, ultimately, honesty, when asking about practices within their extended supply chains.

Although these processes are useful, their effectiveness can be problematic as they do not provide any real-time visibility of the actual activity taking place. What happens when the inspection is over or a signed agreement is ignored? The reputational and even legal damage that could arise is unavoidable and far-reaching.

It is clear that an alternative approach is needed for retailers to achieve greater oversight, and Segura has a proven and innovative solution that delivers this.

Segura’s cloud-based supply chain visibility software enables businesses to improve quality, compliance and visibility within supply chains. Its flexible structure offers four key phases of engagement, allowing customers to use the software to whatever level of detail they require.

Customers can start their journey with Segura by simply mapping their complete supply chain. Once suppliers are identified, Segura can provide vendor specific geographical, political and financial risk alerts and reporting. This can then be taken into further detail by confirming exactly what component or product each supplier provides.

Once the network is finalised, the software can then be extended on a supplier by supplier or component by component basis to trace exactly what is ordered and when, as well as providing notifications and reporting on when orders are fulfilled and shipped. Retailers can opt to implement any number and combination of these phases, as needed, to deliver the maximum benefit and minimum disruption.

Each order submitted through the solution must be placed against an identified vendor and, where required, met and fulfilled by a preferred, nominated or approved supplier. As a result, Segura’s software can trace the journey of each individual order, product and component in real-time, ensuring visibility and full accountability across any supply chain. With this in place, Segura can safeguard a business and its customers against unethical, non-compliant and uncompetitive secondary and tertiary suppliers.

This greater oversight can help to increase efficiency, and deliver better financial performance at the same time as reducing risk. In addition, it helps companies to meet external legislative requirements, such as those outlined under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act 2010.

Segura’s adaptable cloud-based structure provides its customers with an affordable and fully flexible approach to supply chain management. The platform can operate as a standalone service, or in harmony with existing technologies, such as ERP and PLM systems, thanks to a full EDI transactional layer. When coupled with an extensive audit and compliance regime, Segura offers effective brand protection, real-time supply chain transparency and robust risk management.

With 2,000 registered factories and 18,000 users of the system globally, a number that grows daily, Segura can provide the clarity you’re looking for.

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