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Is CROWD IQ the missing link for retail customer engagement?

CROWD announce breakthrough integrated loyalty & Wi-Fi platform to revolutionise retail customer journey.


Is CROWD IQ the missing link for retail customer engagement?

CROWD announce breakthrough integrated loyalty & Wi-Fi platform to revolutionise retail customer journey.

Jade Solutions, the owners of the smart retail Wi-Fi customer analytics and engagement platform, CROWD, have launched an important addition to the solution that could have a big impact on the retail landscape.
The new engagement platform called CROWD IQ allows retailers to link customer loyalty data to Wi-Fi. The new platform can tell a retailer who, when, how long and how often a known customer visits a store, with the loyalty data integration telling the retailer what they buy each time they visit.
This gives retailer’s access to a powerful centralised customer database, which provides them with an opportunity to deliver personalised offers and promotions based upon real-time detailed intelligence, using CROWD’s new advanced proximity marketing tools.

Mark Brackley, Managing Director of Jade Solutions explained
CROWD IQ allows us to link a retailer’s customer loyalty database to Wi-Fi.
We know most Wi-Fi and loyalty data systems run autonomously and as such don’t provide detailed customer business intelligence, but this solution changes the dynamics of engagement. CROWD IQ allows users to log on to store Wi-Fi using their loyalty credentials and this in tandem with our solution provides a massive opportunity for the retailers

Retailers can maximise and control engagement marketing campaigns
With leading retailers like Clarks Shoes already using CROWD in their stores, the new IQ element goes further than before allowing retailers to define engagement campaigns in detail and based upon customer behaviour.

Any retailer can define a triggering action, to start customer engagement, this could be a store visit, a sign in or log out from a device. The engagement can then be defined by conditions, such as demographic profile, time of day, gender or even by device. The retailer can then control the method of interaction, selecting appropriate channels such as SMS, email or social media. Finally the retailer can then customise the content, with the system allowing imagery, rich text, videos, surveys, coupons, delivering whatever the campaign message may be.
The Crowd Proximity application is also designed to capture valuable end-user demographics and purchasing patterns to provide stores with the metrics they need to strengthen brand promotion and make direct marketing campaigns more successful and cost-effective.
Customer VIP Alert provides powerful interaction

One of the most interesting developments within the new offering is a VIP alert that mixes online Wi-Fi engagement with offline experience, providing loyal shoppers with a truly enhanced shopping journey
Mark Brackley explained
We can now alert retail store management when individuals walk into their store, based on pre-determined criteria. For instance maybe it’s a customer’s 3rd visit of the week or maybe it’s even their birthday. With the integrated loyalty and Wi-Fi platform retailers can use this information in-store to further personalise the customer experience. The point is CROWD IQ provides engagement opportunities and data integration that wasn’t previously available

CROWD – Design, Installation and Management
Jade have always maintained that CROWD would become a leading platform for retailers, not just because of its features today, but because of its future proof capabilities and that of its hardware partner, US cloud computing network specialist Aerohive.

Rob Woollard Account Manager for CROWD explained

Aerohive are intrinsic to our offering. Their network management systems can scale from small to large complex operations and importantly their technology products, like HiveManager allows for seamless upgrades. As a partner they are also incredibly supportive and forward thinking and this aligns with our ambitions

With improvements and new API’s being planned, developed, integrated and released regularly, CROWD is allowing retailers to plan and grow their omni-channel offering through integration, rather than through regular capital investment.

Jade, who are a leading enterprise mobility solutions provider, are keen to stress that the CROWD solution is not just a “off the shelf” proposition. Rob Woollard continued
We understand that each retailer has a different environment and technical infrastructure. We do not have a one size fits all philosophy and have solutions that work with both new and legacy networks. We work from concept with retailer’s internal teams to ensure CROWD is designed and integrated to suit their requirements. Essentially we are technical engineering company, so can provide a full service, from design and installation, right through to 24 hour management support. Importantly we keep customers updated on developments, which our retail clients really appreciate


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