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Q&A: Andrew Hall – Chief Commercial Officer at Quantanite

Andrew Hall is a strategic thought leader and customer evangelist, passionate about driving customer expectations and digital outsourcing for today’s brands. Can you give us an… View Article


Q&A: Andrew Hall – Chief Commercial Officer at Quantanite

Andrew Hall is a strategic thought leader and customer evangelist, passionate about driving customer expectations and digital outsourcing for today’s brands.

Can you give us an overview of your position at the business?

I am almost six months into my exciting role of leading the customer engagement for Quantanite, mainly dealing with fast growth companies, and looking at the CX solutions that are best for them. It has been fantastic, in that time we have onboarded several new clients, seen clients expanding with us and evolved our UK growth office to be focussed on clients who truly want to effectively scale their business alongside a partner like Quantanite.

I am absolutely passionate about customer experience, and it is great to be able to work with clients that are committed and focussed on making a real difference to their customers today.

Can you talk us through the common challenges UK Retailers are facing in their CE/CX Strategy.

We have seen several challenges that really stand out and these were touched on by the UK retailers speaking at the recent Retail Showcase. Consumer behaviour is noticeably changing in the current cost of living crisis and if we go into a recession this will be more prevalent than ever. Consumers that once wanted quality now want a better price and this will cause customers to be less loyal to a brand. We have seen go out of business so there is a huge challenge for retailers with looking after their profit margins while trying to meet these demands and provide convenience and ease in their CX strategies. Brexit of course has caused many supply chain issues which is an ongoing challenge causing price increases as materials have become expensive.

How is Quantanite helping provide a solution for these?

There are two key solutions Quantanite can help retail brands with “being agile” and “being resilient.” could only remain viable while the global logistics industry was functioning normally. Introduce a global pandemic, increased costs, and endless delays, then the business model no longer works. The company could have been saved, but only if it changed its approach to be more like a regular retailer. The key is not to over complicate with endless options, make it easy for the customer to complete their shopping journey, implement an agile returns procedure so it is easy for the customer. Convenience is key, and we have a number of solutions that can help such as data and analytics to understand and quickly resolve the pain points, resource, and capacity planning to maximise customer value and deliver operational efficiencies. We have a great location in South Africa which is doing exactly this.

What is different about the Quantanite approach?

We are a trusted partner at every step of the customer journey. We turn outsourcing into a competitive advantage at an unbeatable price. We successfully deliver exceptional customer experience and digital outsourcing solutions for clients across a wide range of vertical industries, and help solve challenging problems such as; Demand management, Customer journey optimisation, Shifting customers towards Self ServiceTechnological innovation and Operational scalability.

What advantage does it add?

The BPO industry has recently seen a lot of consolidation with some huge organisations emerging. Everyone knows the David and Goliath story with the underdog beating someone stronger maybe because they are more agile or have more weaponry and that is exactly why Quantanite is special. We are multinational, but we only have bases in a few select locations – not across one hundred countries. We have a team with all the tools they need to deliver great service, but we don’t have hundreds of thousands of them. We have focus and agility – the opposite of the BPO Goliaths.

Who are the other companies you are partnering with and why?

We have recently joined forces with ChatLingual, provider of the world’s most comprehensible multilingual messaging platform. ChatLingual will complement Quantanite’s CX and Digital Outsourcing offerings with their multilingual customer support operations, providing simple and more delightful customer and agent experiences in every language. Offering unique and deep insights into an area of customer service that is often overlooked, language, the strategic alliance and combined offerings will demonstrate how multilingual technology can offer enterprises a competitive advantage in today’s rapidly changing digital world.

With the speed, flexibility, and affordability we already deliver to our clients, this enhanced offering will enable fast-growing companies to speak their own client’s language.

What challenges and opportunities do you see in UK retail for 2023 / How can retailers prepare better?

Digital brands were presented with an opportunity during the pandemic to build loyalty with consumers and convert them over to online shopping, but many now face declining sales and the impact of the cost-of-living crisis.

Brands have to prioritise customer service and provide a seamless shopping experience. Retailers today have a wealth of tools and digital CX services at their disposal that will allow them to be dynamic, providing personalised experiences by multiple customer service options and flexible returns processes. For retailers to survive and thrive they must be able to adapt and quickly.

What is on the horizon for you as a company?

With a UK HQ and with nearly 2,000 employees operating on four continents, we will continue to grow and offer brands a hi-tech, personalised approach to delivering exceptional full-lifecycle customer engagement and support back office digital services faster, better, and at a more cost-effective engagement.


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