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The Retail Bulletin Customer Engagement Conference 2017, Cavendish Conference Centre, London W1, 7 June 2017

Retail Customer Engagement Summit 7th June 2017

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Wednesday 7th June 2017
Cavendish Conference Centre, London W1

We are living in an era of where customers are smarter than ever, making our job as retailers even harder. The main priority for retail today appears to be having a well-defined target customer profile and an effective omnichannel strategy. But is that really all there is to it?


Drive increase sales and engagement

Developing a customer-centric focus across your organisation - by instilling a passion for outstanding customer experience and connecting with your customers across multiple channels - will boost advocacy and loyalty, whilst ensuring your actions are measured accurately to generate positive ROI.

Standing out from the crowd - customer experience as a differentiator

Modern customer experience is about journeys, not funnels. Marketers need to focus on delivering intelligent interactions rather than pushing customers down inflexible funnels. 

Keeping ahead of the digital revolution

Mobile retailing is transforming the buying experience, and retailers are under intense pressure to accommodate the change. Find the portions of your brand's DNA where digital works to extend experiences through these emerging digital channels and not just for the sake of following digital trends.

Unearth dynamic and comprehensible customer insights

Defining core customer personas is key to sorting through the huge amounts of digital data and breaking down the online barriers between retailers and their shoppers. Whether data that has become increasingly available through digital means is being properly analysed and utilised, that is a different matter.


Above all retailers need to talk to their customers and act on that feedback - the most loyal customers are the ones we build that human connection with. Attend The Retail Bulletin's 8th Annual Customer Engagement Summit 2017 to help create engaged, connected and happy customers - engaging with customers is vital to your brand loyalty and satisfaction!


Hear from


We are currently recruiting speakers for this conference.

If you are a retailer and would like to speak at this event, please contact Claire Knott - 


If you are a retailer and would like to speak at this event, please contact Claire Knott -



09.15 - 09.25

Chair's welcome and opening comments


Retail Keynote: A Retail Engagement story

  • The many ways retailers can place consumers at the heart of the business
  • How a willingness to create interesting campaigns is invaluable to growth
  • Communicating openly and naturally with our customers at every touch point



When different is good: Unique Casestudy on retail engagement

  • It all starts with customers
  • The importance of reative communication
  • When personalisation works
  • How the culture and values of your whole business impact your customers 


10.25 -10.55

Retail Case Study: Personalisation vs Engagement 

  • What is customer engagement?
  • Getting the Board to buy into customer engagement
  • Do all customers want to be engaged?
  • How to build an emotional connection with the customer
  • Personalisation - how?
  • How can you efefctively reengage the consumers they already have more?





How to successfully launch or expand your loyalty scheme

  • Solutions to build long term loyalty for your customers
  • The importance of personalising your loyalty scheme
  • Obtaining loyalty through your brand
  • The link between loyalty and social media - how they converge to drive revenue
  • Defining the business case for investment - engaging the business to support a loyalty scheme
  • Digital based loyalty schemes - the importance of loyalty to the mobile proposition



The case for focus groups: are they alive or dead?

  • What are the merits of different qualitative research methods?
  • What factors should be considered when selecting a qualitative research approach?
  • How can different methods work together to produce creative and holistic research solutions?
  • How can focus groups be optimised to maintain relevance and credibility?

Vendor/ retailer


Location technology - getting smarter around targeting customers' loyalty?

  • effective personalised messages and experiences based around consumer preferences
  • Integrating IoT with smart mobile applications and beacons
  • Delivering accurate content to potential buyers at the vital decision to buy moment
  • Data gathered = a better understanding of consumer behaviour
  • Utilising this data in future campaigns to improve customer targeting - customer preferences and expectations

Retail Case Study




Building a successful and profitable customer experience programme

  • Defining your key objectives first - in order to design the best programme possible
  • Key goals of a VOC programme - reducing churn, increasing revenue, encouraging positive word of mouth, detecting faults, reducing costs
  • Building a profitable and measurable customer experience programme
  • The biggest impact for your bottom line in the short term vs planning for long term ROI with scalability in mind



Panel Discussion: Examining digital customer engagement

Digital engagement is reinventing brick & mortar retail - engaging digitally and enabling efficiency in the business will equip retailers with more tools to engage the customer.

  • Harnessing the power of digital to deliver a seamless and personal customer experience
  • Mobile customer engagement technologies and initiatives
  • The role of in-store digital technology in creating experiences
  • Increasing customer engagement by digitising schemes
  • Ensuring delivery of marketing messages and customer incentives on a mobile device are timely and relevant
  • How does mobile and analytics support your single customer view?
  • What are the key challenges in engaging customers through their mobile device
  • What do you need to know about NFC and mobile payments?

Retail Panel

This is an open Q&A discussion - bring your questions to us before the event or tweet them #TRBce




Retail Case Study: Driving effective engagement with customers across multiple channels

  • Merging shoppers' physical and digital worlds - bringing an online data-driven strategy to the stores
  • How traditional FMCG ways of working benefit the online process
  • Is there such a phenomenon as the 'multi-channel advantage'?



Retail Case Study: Gain insight - CRM and the 'one conversation'

  • How do you create 'one conversation' for customers?
  • How do you manage that 'conversation' when a customer is using any one of your channels?
  • Understanding that journeys are not linear or consistent
  • How do you use systems to manage and ensure the business customer comes first?
  • How does culture impact this?
  • Understanding your customer - how they research and shop
  • Utilising insight to successfully navigate across all channels
  • Having analysis of the customer at the heart of decision making - is this possible?
  • What are the challenges when collecting customer data for retail?
  • How data used well builds memorable customer experiences
  • How do you turn data into actionable insight - who is doing this well and who isn't?
  • Leveraging customer data analysis to deliver improved customer service



Customer Engagement 101: Retail Success Stories

This session will comprise of three mini retailer case studies, each highlighting the area that they have championed - whether it be customer experience, retention and loyalty, or personalisation across devices and real time data integration.

  • Launching a new digital platform for international customer experience
  • Communication and the customer portal - no bias to any one channel
  • The customer is the priority - giving the same experience whichever channel is chosen
  • The role of content and storytelling in engaging supporters
  • Finding your own model to create loyal customers
  • How great analytics can improve your decision making
  • Building capability to join up different touchpoints
  • Delivering personalisation that drives value for your customers and your business
  • Why user identity is fundamental to personalisation efforts
  • How real-time customer data integration breaks silos and enables success
  • The challenges of scope, speed and scale
  • Practical tips for achieving consistency across all devices
  • Algorithmic products - gaining predictive value from customer data


This is an open Q&A discussion - bring your questions to us before the event or tweet them #TRBce


Chair's summary and closing remarks



Why Attend?

Following the sell-out success of our previous customer engagement events, this Summit will help you create and retain engaged, connected and happy customers today and tomorrow! Learn how leading UK retailers are deploying winning customer engagement strategies that are designed to stimulate consumer loyalty and increase wallet share, in this hugely competitive marketplace.

The day is designed to be as interactive as possible, allowing time for delegates to debate and discuss the issues within a group of like-minded professionals, so please feel free to ask questions and share your own thoughts and opinions throughout the day. There will also be an opportunity to network during the coffee and lunch breaks, and also at the end of the day. 

Attend this interactive, retailer-led event to find out how to:

Who Should Attend?

This event is designed for UK retailers looking to develop a long term customer engagement strategy across all channels to maximise conversion and loyalty, as well as those retailers who already have a loyalty programme in place and want to build on securing engagement with their customers.

The event will have a strategic focus and is aimed at senior executives within retail in the following job functions:


The Cavendish Conference Centre is ideally located and there is car parking nearby.

The Conference auditorium is very comfortable and the tiered classroom style is condusive to a lively atmosphere, creating interesting debate.

For hotel offers and choices, please scroll down this page.

22 Duchess Mews
London W1G 9DT
0207 637 5526
0207 631 2055


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Retail Bulletin Events have built a reputation for providing quality content and stimulating lively debate among peer groups at their events. 

The Retail Bulletin’s 7th Annual Retail Customer Engagement Summit will provide a great backdrop for the sponsors to reinforce their brand and knowledge and offers the opportunity to network with the UK’s leading retailers. Sponsorship also includes marketing and editorial support which greatly enhances the value of our sponsorship packages.

If you are a solution provider or consultant and would like to discuss the sponsorship opportunities at this event please contact: 

Karen Howard: 01932 428376 or email 



Comarch is a global powerhouse specialised in the design, implementation and integration of advanced IT services and software. The company’s solutions are specialised for real-time loyalty, customer engagement, Financial Services and BSS/OSS for Telecommunications.

Comarch’s unique, transactional-based approach to engagement not only collects customer data from emerging channels such as social and mobile, but it also converts that data into purchases – providing comprehensive metrics throughout the process.

Servicing multiple industries since 1993, Comarch has introduced successful loyalty solutions for notable clients such as London Heathrow Airport, JetBlue, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and BP.



For all sponsorship, networking and non retail speaking opportunities - please contact:

Karen Howard


T: 01932 428377

For all delegate queries - please contact:

Angela Beevers


T: 07749 213983

For all retail speaking opportunities - please contact:

Claire Knott



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