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47% more ecommerce transactions on Boxing Day 2014 compared to 2013

Monday December 29th 2014

According to a report* by Postcode Anywhere, on average, December 2014 saw 28% more transactions each day when compared to 2013

Dressipi moves into offering a multi-channel solution for fashion retailers

Wednesday December 17th 2014

Utilising data in-store to enhance the shoppers’ experience is the next stage in the development of Fashion Fingerprint creator Dressipi that is trialling a ‘clientelling’ app with a number of retailers. By Glynn Davis

B&Q is most improved website among UK’s Top 500 retail sites in Q4

Thursday December 4th 2014

B&Q has powered up the table of the UK’s top 500 retail websites to be the most improved site in Q4. By Glynn Davis

Bringing the channels together through new data standards

Friday November 28th 2014

Barcode standards creator GS1 is developing transformational new data standards that will align online items with their physical equivalent in-store. By Glynn Davis

Homewares merchants operate some of UK’s best performing retail websites in Q3

Monday August 4th 2014

Pownall Carpets has been crowned the UK’s best performing online retail site in Q3 2014 as it earns its place alongside two other home-wares retailers in the top five.By Glynn Davis

Online retailers should chat more and stay up late

Tuesday July 22nd 2014

A study of phone call and website data from a group of online retailers reveals some interesting trends.

New study reveals how much online shoppers are prepared to lose rather than make a fuss

Monday June 16th 2014

Unsurprisingly, the survey also shows they are unlikely to make a repeat purchase, following bad customer service.

Opinion Piece: Making the most of Europe’s differences in online retail

Thursday June 12th 2014

Greg Zemor, Co-Founder of marketplace distribution solution Neteven, discusses how UK retailers can make their products attractive online in Europe.

Bargain Booze takes number one spot as UK’s top retail website in Q2

Wednesday May 28th 2014

Drinks retailer Bargain Booze has upped its online game as its website has become the UK’s best performing online retail site in Q1 2014. By Glynn Davis

Comment: going global - getting it right first time

Friday May 23rd 2014

The world of e-commerce has come a long way since the ground-breaking Minitel computer was first introduced in 1982 as a quick and easy way for the French to pay for goods and services online. By Neil Caldwell